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Vitamin D deficiency

Morning all, my lovely new GP requested yet more blood tests and found that my vit D levels "are in my boots". He has prescribed vit D at a high dose that I will take for 10 weeks then will reduce to a lesser dose for the rest of my life. Does anyone else have a vit D deficiency and is it normal with fibro or is it just a coincidence that it has been found within weeks of me getting a diagnosis . TIA

Kim xx

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I believe it is common amongst fibromites, but with our British weather, I think many more people are vitamin D deficient they just don't know it.

Some rheumatologists tend to order a battery of tests before diagnosing us to rule out other things. Vit D test is included as lack of it can mimic Fibro pain.

I am also currently taking high strength vitamin D (the imported German one) I had to take it ever day for the first ten days, then once a week for the next 8 weeks. I am currently on third week of once a week. At the end of the 8 weeks I will need to book in for a new blood test and then back to the GP to see how I am doing.

Hope it makes a difference for you, but don't expect immediate results.

Em x



I think when someone has chronic pain, etc these days they often test the VitD levels because low levels can contribute to pain, depression and mental fog. My Rheumy asked for my levels to be checked as my pain levels did not seem to decrease with medication.




I have taken Calcium and vit D for years, chewable tablets twice a day for Osteoporosis they have'nt helped with my pain though


Same here Jess :-( wish it would help !

Foggy z


I also have extremely low vit d levels and am on supplements, I have to go back in three months to be re-tested, think it probably has to do with song fibro but also the British weather! I am worried about my bones long term cos of this x


Vitamin D deficiency has similar symptoms to Fibro, so it can be mis-diagnosed as Fibro, can be masked by Fibro and can appear to worsen Fibro symptoms. So you may find that treating this helps you generally. :)


Taking calcium along with Vit D may not help. You should get your Vit D checked for deficiency and if it is low, take high doses of same to correct the deficiency.It is better to get it checked occassionaly for deficiency.


Hi Kim this is the second time in 12 month my vitamin D has come bk critical I'm on a three month course I feel rubbish I have lots on complex illness and I think fibro but they shun it. Because I have diagnostic problems


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