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Hi all

Yesterday i received the dreaded brown letter a week after my atos assesment and i thought to myself "this is strange because the HCP (health care proffesional) said a decision can take 6-8 weeks" so i opened it and it was a big fat NO i looked at the reasons why and there was only 1 the evidence provided in

How my disabality affects me form

It said nothing about my doctors letters, scan results, biopsy or MRI and it said nothing about the atos assesment which leads me to beleive they havnt received it yet,

Has this happend to anyone else and you got another letter awarding PIP if so please tell me as this is stressing me out

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  • Hi, PIP hasn't been implemented yet where I live but I'm dreading it when it does come. I'm waiting to hear about my DLA renewal but its only been 2 weeks. The stories I am hearing about pip are quite frighening- very similar to the ESA horror stories and I've had bad experiences with ESA. Don't let them put you off, appeal it, fight it and WIN. Good luck x

  • Thanks for the reply, its hell waiting this long id even go as far as saying its criminal they way the DWP treats people like us

  • I know, the DWP are brutal- but its the Government. They want to save money and unfortunately for us, we are the target. Sad, but true.

  • Hi there gam, sorry to hear about your result I know how empty and alone this can leave one feeling. What I would recommend is to ring them on Tuesday and ask for a mandatory reconsideration as you say you did provide several medical evidences to substantiate your claim. Also citizens advice can be a great support and advisor during these times. Really wishing you well x .

  • appeal.

    write that you feel that they didn't give full consideration to your condition(s) and how it affects you.

    Ask them to reconsider the decision, reviewing your form and the further supporting evidence & information that you provided.


    info@fibroaction.org for factsheets.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. it's exhausting to fight on top of everything else but you must and get help to do it.

    I haven't heard if PIP here yet but when I had my DLA forms to complete a DWP employee came to the house and filled them in for me. I sent in lots of info, received full on all counts indefinitely (or until PIP reaches us.

    The DWP guy knew what to say :-)

  • Thank you for your posts

    Its so reasuring that there are nice people out there with good advice

    Im going to wait a couple of weeks and see if another letter comes through the door if not then i will appeal against them

    I wont give up

  • Hi gangaman, telynores is correct you need to phone through on tuesday. There are set times in which you need to ask for consideratio/ appeal and if you just wait you msy miss them. Alk the best

  • Ohone them as you only have 1 month from date of letter from DWP

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal. The CAB can be very helpful with these matters, and it may help to call your local authority and ask for an ''Occupational Health Assessment'' as these things can go in your favour.

    Good luck


  • Thank you ken if i dont hear nothing from the DWP in a couple of weeks ill be sure to phone the CAB


  • Ganjaman if you dont ask straight away for mandatory reconsideration and then if still no appeal you will not here anymore. As far as they are concerned the decision has been made. If you wait a few weeks you will be too late to appeal. Please phone tuesday or see cab and ask for mandatory reconsideration if you feel the decision is wrong.

  • Thank you anita for the advice,

    Im going to phone them tomorrow

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