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Docs letter sent to ATOS


Hi..Im new on this site ... Bear with me..

I was diagnosed with fibro depression and anxiety about 5 years ago. I have had many ATOS medicals..won't go into too much detail . I won my tribunal a few years'd never think so as I've had to continue more assessments.

All this exacerbated my condition..after a fall I now have chronic sciatica. Anyway, after the latest appointment made for me to be assessed by ATOS I had just about enough and kept breaking down in public ( WHEN I actually went out). and in the doctors waiting room .

My doctor wrote a letter quoting my health condition and that due to repeated assessments it was worse and " could not foresee me returning to work in the foreseeable future"

(He also mentioned to me that sometimes he sat on tribunals(?!)

Anyway ... I phoned ATOS re the letter and they asked me to fax it ASAP and that it would be sent to their doctors for consideration ... By the way .. I'm in the work support group .. Not the support group and I get £ 99. a week approx . That was Feb 21 st this year ...I've not heard a thing... They have continued my money ( ESA income related)

Although I am relieved not to receive any of those brown envelopes lately ..would anyone have any idea what could be happening? .. I feel I should be in the support group ..I've also been advised to claim DLA( I have been turned down before) ..Anyway.. Sorry if this is a bit muddled...My blimmim wrist is aching through typing now. LOL


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I have heard that (almost) everybody gets turned down for DLA at first. If you are going to apply do it before PIP comes in as it will be much harder to claim then. Good luck.

I got turned down for flat yesterday I'm also in support group xx

I shall re apply then ... Just filling in the form makes me unwell....any comments on the other bit about my docs letter and ATOS? ..thanks x

Atos are renowned for losing things and taking ages. Maybe you should follow it up, or better still get someone to follow it up on your behalf when you're there. If possible, try to leave a paper trail.

Best of luck x

They cancelled my assessment until decision made ...not sure what decision they mean!! Did I mention my doc said he sits on tribunal boards?

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