Help. I have lost the letter sent to me advising me that I have been moved from IB to WRAG, (without a medical), and I am appealing. I printed the GL24 form and I have completed it along with additional information,but I have raked my house and cannot find the letter. I know I received it on the 15th march as I called them up,( I actually wrote on the envelope and still have this but no letter I think I am going mad) I am sure it was dated 13/3 and have put this on the form. Does anyone know if I return it to the ATOS address which I have or do I return it to the DWP.I have my letter about incapacity being stopped so I know that address. I have to send it this week to get it back in time.

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  • Think you send it back to your jobcentre address that you are under for ibxx

  • Hello Jayjayboy,

    I have been investigating this on the internet and I found a copy of the form. On the back page it says to send it back to the office that sent you the decision, which is not much help as like you say you have misplaced the letter. I think it may be best to ring DWP and ask where to send the form. The is the only way I can see that you can ensure it gets to the right place.

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks., I eventually managed to find a letter that I had received previously, so I have sent it off now by recorded delivery. Just a waiting game now .

  • i just wrote them a letter asking thme to look into it for me.. myb they will send me a new form...

  • What I used to do to save time is, fill in the GL24 at my JC then hand it in at reception. Or you can ask for an envelope at the JC, then get a proof of posting cert at the post office. The latter is probably the safest route, at least then you know it has been posted to the right dept.

  • Thanks. I;ll do that

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