I sent in my ESA50 form in January to change from IB to ESA, At few weeks ago I got a letter saying my incapacity benefit had been terminated, and I was so worried I would not get any money the next week. My money was there and I had not heard anymore. BUT Today I have received a letter stating that I have to go for a face to face interview at the jobcentre and that I am in the WRAG GROUP. I have not had a medical with ATOS,How do I find out how many points I actually got, and how do I appeal. I have read somewhere on here that there is a form I need to request. Can anyone help me please. My appointment with the jobcentre is in a months time. Thanks

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  • Thanks, do you know how I can find out how many points I got, as no mention of this on the letter I received. I'll download the GL24 form now Thanks

  • Thanks for replying. Ihave never been seen by ATOS,I am just of the phone from DWP they said not everyone gets sent for a medical and they sometimes go by what you have put on the form. So I dont think they could have read my form. My other worry is that I get DLA, so if they think I should be in the WRAG group I am now worried that they will stop my DLA. Although I know you can still get this when you are working. This is all very stressful for us,and just makes the pain increase.

  • I sent in the esa for in january to change from longterm Incapacity benefit to ESA , to reach them by 21st It did get to them as I sent it recorded delivery. and I tracked it, I then received a letter from jobcentre saying that my incapacity benefit would stop on 22nd feb, so I phoned jobcentre and was told that my ESA form was being processed. I had been worried my money was stopped, but on Friday the same amount of money as usual was in my post office account. Then today I received the letter saying I was in the WRAG group and was to go for an interview on 16th April, I have not had any telephone calls, and not been to a medical with ATOS. So I am going to appeal,but dont know who I should phone to see how they came to this decision, Does any-one know if I phone the number on the original letter enclosing my ESA form, or do I phone the jobcentre. The same happened with my sister, she never had to attend an ATOS medical or anything but was put straight into WRAG group, but she didnt know about appealing. Hers was different as it was on mental health issues.

  • I was put into WRAG group without having a medical. I requested GL24 form, and also a copy of the report used to make the decision. (you can phone any of the numbers you have as your information is on a database they can all access) I received nothing, and after endless phone calls was told there was no report because I did not have a medical. So also no points given, Instead they had accepted from my ESA 50, and doctors report that I was not currently capable of work. BUT somehow they have decided that I will be fit to work in 12 months - I wish!!

    I finally got the GL24 form from the Job Centre, filled it in and sent an accompanying letter and any further evidence I could lay my hands on, and said I wished to appeal the decision to put me in the WRAG group, as although mentally I was willing and able to work, physically it was not possible, and I did not see that situation changing. I am now awaiting a tribunal date.

    Meanwhile I had to attend the face to face interview at the Job Centre. The lady was very nice and could see I was in physical pain. She had to refer me to one of these Work Focussed Interviews. She did however warn me that they cannot make you take a job and to be very careful as they would ask me to sign a contract stating what I will do to find work. There is a lot of pressure to sign these contracts apparently, but they don't tell you that it isn't compulsory. I was told that if I sign then I would have to keep attending and could be pressured into work as then the company (G4S) would get paid. So was advised due to my health situation, not to sign.

    I refused the contract giving my reason as I was not currently capable of work, and was appealing the decision to put me in WRAG. I haven't heard from them since. Now I am just nervously waiting for my appeal date. I'm advised that if they know you are appealing they tend to leave you alone. I don't know how true that is, but personally haven't heard anything since - yet!

    Good luck


  • Thanks for replying, you seem to have been treated the way I am now being treated I must admit I was dreading having to go for a medical,but dont see how they can come to a conclusion about me without even seeing me. I dont even think they always contact your dr. Can I ask you how soon after your interview did you have to go to your 1st work focussed interview as I am now even dreading this as I cannot make myself go out during the day,I have to always have some-one with me.

  • Hi. It was only a couple of weeks after the Job Centre Interview that I was told to go for the Work Focussed Interview. That was very short notice as the interview was for two days after the letter arrived.

    Like yourself I was dreading the medical especially after all I had read on here. I was told that in a number of cases, there is no need to do a medical as they have enough evidence without doing so. I suppose now I have launched an appeal I will eventually have to have one.

  • Thanks everyone for replying. I have just phoned the number on the original letter, and spoke to some-one who seemed very nice! I explained that

  • Re above-- I explained that I was not fir to work and wanted top appeal. She at first said she didnt need to send me any forms out! and I just needed to write a letter. I told her I wanted the gl24 form. the ESA65 form and ESA 113. I explained to her that I had never been for a medical, and she said that they dont have to send you for one!! The sometimes just use the details on the ESA50 form. She did say that I must have scored over 15 points to be put in the WRAG group. She is sending out the forms and said theyd take approx 5 days to reach me. But she said I still have to attend the WRAG interview.The thing is I had stated on my ESA form that if I was to attend any interviews could they please make it either first thing in the morning or last appointment in the evening as I have problems going out during the day. ( not really to do with my health,but because I have had to leave my husband due to domestic abuse a few months ago) and I am terrified that he or any-one he knows will see me and he will find out where I am living. I have not been out at all in the daylight in the last 6 months, and what did they do they gave me an appointment in the middle of the afternoon and he stays very near to where it is. Just thinking about it is terrifying me and I have been crying all day.

  • Your DLA cannot be stopped its a completely different award and you can claim DLA while working... So that's one less worry for you

    VG x

  • Think you may be right there esagestapo, maybe most people transferring from incapacity are getting put into the WRAG group without a medical, hoping they will accept this. As this would save ATOS from having to do medicals for all IB claimants. I dont even know if it is esa income related or esa contributory as it does not state it on the letter.

  • I can only tell you what happened to me, I was on IB and DLA low care capacity. I filled in the form, heard nothing for ages then got a form asking me to attend an interview back in October. I duly turned up, thinking it was an ATOS assessment, and was stressed out by that , what it turned out to be was a WRAG initial meeting. Oh heck I thought and panic set in, but I must say as I found, and that was a really nice lady who immediately put me at ease saying she could see that there was no way I was in a position to work. She said I should reapply to be put in the support group, which she did and I then heard a few weeks ago that they had held with their first decision and I'm in the WRAG . Panic again, immediately thought of going to appeal which sent me into a complete tailspin. I then rang the lady I had seen at the jobcentre and she said she would support my appeal but that as far as she was concerned she would not be putting me into any form of work related activity and couldn't see that position changing. I haven't gone to appeal, I'm sure the stress of it would make everything worse for me, so for the time being I'm sitting in the WRAG and today had a letter confirming that the amount I am getting paid will not alter, so in my very humble opinion it might b an idea to think of what going to appeal will put you through as opposed to finding if the person in charge of the WRAG at your jobcentre understands you and what you can and can't do. I know that may differ from many peoples' advice, but as I said, I am only going on my own experience .

    I hope you find a resolution really soon and send positive thoughts your way

    Foggy x

  • P.s. I haven't been asked, nor have I signed anything, and definitely will not.

  • Thanks everyone. I have phoned for the appeal forms,and suppose I will need to decide what to do once I receive them. Im thinking of going to my welfare rights team for advice, as it was them that helped me fill in my DLA forms. Its just that I know there is no way I could face going to the jobcentre on a regular basis,which I thought happened in the WRAG group. I would have preferred to see what happened at the WRAG meeting but that is 4 weeks away and the appeal would have to be in by then. What a stressful worrying time.

  • The thing is I have worked since I was 15, I am 55 now, and in that time I had never signed claimed anything from the government.It was 8 years ago when I had been of sick for a few months then back to work a month and off again for 6 months that my company sent me to there own doctor who confirmed that I was unfit to work. I tried so hard to keep my job, even crawling in my place of work.None of us would be out of work if we were fit and healthy. I was paid of due to ill health. I am worse now, so it is so annoying having to go through this, when there are people who have never worked a day in there life. Also what employer would take us on knowing the health risks involved. It just makes me so angry I feel like I am having to beg to get what I am entitled to.

  • Hi Jayjayboy, how odd is that i have been a work from 15 and now nearly 57 and yes about 8/9 years ago i was like that , the year before for two week i could not move at all, then the following year was the same , the my employe got his 80 year oldmum to walk me over to the station for me to go home, i could only walk one foot infront of the other and had to ask her to slow down, things got worse, then i was sent to see doctor at hosiptal and taken in hosiptal for them to find out what was wrong with me lots of test, MRI scan etc, well i could go on and on , but they said i had CFS and Fibro, yes i would love to go back to work , but i know myself, that no one will employe me, as from one day to the next, i never know how i will be, will i be able to walk with the pain is my brain in gear etc, and now they have ask me to go to Atos, which just stress me out and made me even worse . And yes i know some people who have never done a days works and claim ever thing. so i now where your coming from .

  • I have never at anytime had a medical from ATOS, my incapacity was changed to ESA dec 2011, I was just put into theWRG without any meeting, medical or conversation on phone with any body from ATOS, I was never even told that in the WRG you would only be entitled to payment for 365 days, as this cam into affect after my change over and no-one saw fit to advise me of this even though I was attending meetings at the job centre every 3 months, after reading about the WRG on here I asked my "personal advisor" at the job centre and was told I only had 4 weeks payments left, I put in appeal straight away and have had my money stopped and have not heard anything, and cannot seem to get any answers as to what I should do now or how long it will take for my appeal to be heard, so please make sure you seek advice from the CAB or local disability support group, Kim

  • That is shocking, how do they expect you to survive,does that mean I;ll probably only get the payment for 365 days.It does not say this on the letter. I am on my own with no other income,so suppose I need to get advice from somewhere. I;ll make appointment with the welfare officer at my local council.Thanks

  • i was told 2 or 3 dont know whats going on... a yr is a big diference, as im worrying it 2 yrs or is it 3 yrs, why dont they say or give you a date....


    Hi Jayjayboy

    Please remember you have the right of appeal for a month only so check the date of the decision to place you in the WRAG,Follow the above link to the WCA guide available on the internet.This will give you the points scoring of the assessment. You can be placed in the WRAG without a medical based on what you put on your form, You may find DIAL or Citizens advice can offer more details or support if you decide to ask for a reconsideration or appeal.Use the guide to be more specific about your own health. If your appeal is after the month you can ask to appeal after the month but must ask in writing and give your reasons as otherwise the appeal will not be looked at.If you do ask late 2 decisions are made.1.Does the appeal go head at all (reasons for it being over a month).2.if accepted appeal is considered.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks. I have requested information from DWP regarding the points I received, as I have no idea how many points I got. Although the person I spoke to on the phone said I got at least 15. I have printed the GL24 from the internet and wil be sending this off within the next few days. I only got the letter last week so I am still within the time limit. I have read on-line that some people appealing lose all there points and there ESA, but what else can I do as I am definately too ill to work. It is a worry, I feel that I am begging. Wish me luck Thanks


    Link to GL24 from internet

  • apologies link not working

    put GL24 in google

    should bring up printable version

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