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gps letter for atos home visit re esa

HI, i filled in an esa 50 form, on it I said I would need a home visit. On Friday, I received a letter from atos, informing me, I had to attend there medical centre for an assessment. i called and asked why I could not have a home visit and was told the procedure was for my gp to write a letter asking for a home visit for me. I called the surgery and was informed by the receptionist that it was not possible to speak to the doctor but she would pass on my message and call me back. Call me back she did and said my gp said he could only write for home visits for patients who were house bound! Although I am not housebound my gp knows i suffer fromdepression and anxiety, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, asthma,ibs, trapped nerve in my shoulder I am prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants as well as asthma inhalers, antihistimanes, antidepressants . I cant understand why my gp will not support me and am very angry, does anyone have any suggestions onhow i can get a home visit or get my gp to write me a letter, am at my wits end.

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How far is the medical centre from you?


the medical centre is around 15 miles away from me, my gp practice is 5 mins away,


It might be best to go and see your GP at his surgery. If you tell him how you feel, he will probably be able to help you. If you can't get to the surgery, then ask for a home visit from your GP. Don't be worried about bothering him - it's his job!

Moffy x


I went through similar experience. Trouble is if you go down to your surgery they will say you are capable of attending assessment. I never received a questionaire I should have returned..just got a date to turn up. I have multiple health issues. I phoned to ask for home visit. Unluckily the person who took my call was extremely young and naive with no idea of what constant ill health and pain does to you..very patronising and rude manners..talked all over the top of me then hung up. I had been so polite. I was shocked and despairing. Took me 24 hours to find courage to ring back. Nicer person second time but same response ..no home visit. Surgery so near. Frustrating to say the least. I had nobody to give me a lift for the 20 mile round trip. So I ordered taxis which cost me £40. On arrival was told my assessor was off sick! Somehow I forced myself to remain calm and polite. I honestly believe that God who knows all my trials was well in control as I was reimbursed the taxi fares and assured of a taxi both ways..paid for..to return for another appt..plus I got my result extremely quickly which was that nothing would be taken from me.

My only advice is to remain as calm and polite as possible..and trust me I know how hard it can be...just answer their questions..its all you can do. Your health will speak for itself really. I was absolutely dreading mine and had got myself into a terrible state beforehand. I imagined I would have to strip off and be prodded by a row of hardhearted people all looking down on me. The reality was so different. I went into a private room with a really sweet nurse..kept all my clothes on..was tested for neck movement..arms and legs very briefly..and some easily answered questions and that was it.

I didnt go alone. My ex kindly came with me bothtimes..including into the actual interview. I would strongly advise not going alone. My best wishes to you. X

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Surely your anxiety has got worse and is preventing you from going out, also you can't cope with a long journey like that. If he still refuses to write a letter, ask him how much would it cost to write one.


thanks for your replies. I am grateful and its great to talk to people who understand. Im sick and really very annoyed that this was the reply I got from him through the receptionist. I feel if I cant rely on my gp to help me then I have no one. he appears to be quite happy to give pain medication and muscle relaxants which do help the pain A BIT, but the side effects make me extremely drowsy. I know he must see people whos mobility appears much worse than mine but I just wish he would realise that although it may look like I can manage fine on the outside, inside I am filled with pain every time move.


I fond this odd as my GP and his GP son both tell me if I am sent for amedical and I am not well enough, ring up and they will do a letter saying I cannot go and they should come to me. But some surgeryies have different ways of doing things. Chances are if you offered to pay for a letter it would be a different story.

I hope you get it sorted one way or another xxxxxx


I didn't even know about home visits, my ATOS centre is also 15 miles away, which they did kindly pay a mileage allowance to get there and back....that's handy, but when I saw their doctor he said why on earth didn't I ask for a home visit. I felt stupid not knowing !

one thing I will mention though because of changes in the blue badge scheme to stop fraudulent claim's, that's all changing too, just to confuse us, but if you have one and say you don't go out the house then they are likely to turn you down if you don't go out much as in their eyes you do not need one! ... not my words, read it somewhere!!!

I may not go out much but I would love to given the chance, but we only have one car and can't afford two. I can't get the car on notability as my OH wouldn't be allowed to use it to go to work, just like free road tax, I could have that for our car but it would mean It can't be for my OHs use!

I'm sure they would get a better picture of the claimant if they were to see them in their own home xx


HI, thanks for replying , a wee update, went to gp yesterday and discussed with him home visit from atos, he agreed that I could not possibly go to the centre at 9.15am as I was too sore , stiff and could exhausted. He thinks I could manage at a later time of day maybe noon, his view is that this a political exercise and really nothing to do with being ill, well we all know atos are given millions to get us all of esa/ incapacity benefit. so gp is faxing atos of this in hope of a later appointment. I have also contacted the consultant who diagnosed me with fibro and hopefully he will write me a letter. I completely agree with you that if we were seen in our homes it would give them a true picture of how we really are on a daily basis in the real world. I am now worried sick about appeals and money being cut, paying rent as that too has been cut due to lha............. the country is in a real mess...................


Hi, called consultants secretary yesterday to ask if there was any update for me re letter for esa to be told, unfortunately he cant do one for me as i am no longer under his care! it would need to be my gp, and he has already said he wont do the letters for anybody as atos will write to him for any information they need! Im really sick of this too ing and fro ing now. Anybody would think I have diagnosed myself with fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism,asthma ibs and anxiety and depression! What do I do now ...... im at my wits end... and I already said I was willing to pay for a letter from gp and consultant to no avail.....HELP :(:(:( x


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