my gp is back

she turned up this afternoon. so glad to see her. stopping steroids, dont want to get stuck on them again, using a spacer for the seretide 250 inhaler, increases take up in the lungs instead of swallowing it! have tendonitis in my right knee, and needs physio to make home visit which of course may take a while so she showed me a couple of excersises to get me started. increasing amitriptyline for pain/depression.

Reinforces my appreciation for a gp who cares and understands my problems. I wish there were more like her.

:) Tulip xx

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  • So glad you are receiving much needed help at last. xx

  • Thank you, such a relief! :) Tulip xx

  • That is really good news! I could not get on with the spacer for the seretide 250 inhaler, so my Consultant swapped me to the Symbicort 200 Turbohaler. I have found this works for me. Good luck with your inhalers.

    Sorry to read about your tendonitis in your knee, and I genuinely hope that you can get this sorted to some degree.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you, I was so relieved to see her. She said she had told me she would be away for a couple of weeks but I dont remember. I'm sure she did though, cotton wool for brain matter lol. My daughter gets on very well with the Symbicort too. Wish you well Ken. :) Tulip xx

  • Hi Tulips, Happy for you! :) She is a healing source for you.

    Cause for celebration! :)


  • absolutely, bring out The Bubbly! ie. Lucozade, not Moet Chandon! thank you for your support. Tulip :) xx

  • Tulip good news the right care simpatico :)

  • You know when it's right. :) xx

  • Good morning Tulip,

    That's good your GP is back, I'm glad you are getting the treatment you needed. Take care Honor x

  • Thank you Honor. Wish you the best. Tulip xx

  • It is good to have a doctor that understands you, long may it last Tulip :)

  • Thank you, I feel so lucky to have her. I think she would be an arguable case for cloning, fill every surgery! :) Tulip xx

  • I have one like that, very hard to get to see her though :)

  • I was on prednisolone a couple of years ago, they were wonderful but I just ballooned and put on so much weight so I refuse to take them again, I just wish there was something like them without the horrible side effects!!!

  • Exactly, I feel so much better with them but of course there is always the downside. 1 magic pill - maybe one day! Tulip :)

  • You are Lucky :)

  • Thanks for letting us know how you got on Tulip. Don't let her go on anymore holidays she sounds like an absolute treasure. Hope you can get some proper physio for the knee soon.x

  • She is pretty special. I read some of the horror stories and I think, well doesn't bear thinking about. Just be grateful! :) Tulip xx

  • I have a good gp too but there are too many not so good. Glad to read your good news :)

  • Superb news:) Some times we dont praise our GP's enough. I have a brilliant one so Iam extremely lucky :)

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