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HI all been to see my wonderful GP was in with her about 30 mins (sorry to the people waiting outside ) anyway she looked me over gave me good m o t and has given me soe different anti biotics she qwas a bit stuck as what she could give me as alot of my meds would give me not a nice reaction to some of them so she settled on one i got to take 2 a day for a week so hopefully they nwill work

i mentioned sleeping tablets but to be honest she is not keen on me having the as i am on amitriptine and i have been sleeping better since i been ill so i am not to worried at the min

l x

love to you all x diddle xxxx

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so glad you have a nice doc ,after my trip to rhemie ive soet of lost faith ,get well soon xxx

Hidden in reply to lynz

Me too Lynz

I have no faith anymore in the medical profession.

Hope you are ok though. xx

electricjaws in reply to Hidden

ditto ditto and DITTO, as long as it isn't happening to them and they are getting paid ,they just send you on your wy with a few magic pills(NOT!) AND A POCKET FULL OF CLAPTRAP,i'm sure if you rang up the medical proffesion and said i've had enough ,i'm about to jump under a train cos everyday feewls like i have already been hit by onethe response would be take two paracetamol and go to bed!!!


Hi diddle

Glad to see you are a little better.

I sure wish i lived where you are and had your GP. You seem to be in a minority to me, i wish more GPs were that understanding and helpful.

Yes they arereluctant to use sleeping pills with amitryptilline. May i ask what dose you are on?

I have 25mg for a light sleep (if i know i am busy the next day) or 50mg but then i know i wont be able to do anything the next day as stays in my system and makes me drowsy all day.

Gentle hugs and hope you are on the road to being your usual chirpy self. xx

AWWWW! good news diddle : D

You are sounding more positive

Hugs poppy xx

Hi diddle

so glad your feeling a bit better now, and hopefully on the rite antibiotics, it makes all the difference when you have a Brilliant GP doesent it, i also have a Fab GP thank god, well you hurry up and get yourself better :-)

sending loadsa love and gentle hugs xxxxxx

It's so nice to have a supportive GP.

Glad you're feeling a bit better now. xx

I think your GP must be the sister of my GP Diddle cos mine is the same. Glad you are on the road to recovery, take care, love Angela xx

i had a very bad gp at one time, after moving countys i have a new one. she is just great, cant believe the diference in the 2. first one saiod all in me head no help at all...this one i love her to bits, she more like a freind now, she understands there are good ones just need to find one......x

does anybody know of a decent g'p in the north yorkshire/york area?

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