My beautiful brave girl

Hi everyone just wanted to write a message about how wonderful and brave my little girl is I'm so proud of her and she keeps me going and fighting every single day I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and every day is a struggle but I fight every single day because my brave little girl can fight so, so can I she is 13 and has juvenile idiopathic arthritis she has it in all her joints and has been struggling with servire pain and swelling in both ankles both hips and both knees for 14 weeks non stop she can hardly walk but everyday she smiles and gets up in agony and fights and I'm so so proud of her and wish I could take it all away yesterday she had to be put under anaesthetic and have all her joints injected and she was so brave and didn't shed a tear she's my hero and my inspiration well done my beautiful baby girl I love you so much

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  • What an inspirational post, I am always in awe of how resilient children can be, and don't forget that you play a huge part in that. xxx

  • Thank you Lou it does get tough sometimes to watch my baby cry in so much pain but it's also even more special when she smiles

  • Hi, what a little trooper you have how brave is she, I just wonder at her, she has a lot to put up with and yet she is so brave, well done her, when you think of all the pain she is going though just to stand is amazing that he can do it , she is a little angel, she is an inspiration , what a wonderful daughter you have. Best wishes.

  • Thank you poppy my daughter as a beautiful angel and I'm so very proud of her

  • love this and well done mummy xxx

  • Thankyou

  • Hi Lulu,

    What a very special young lady you have and she is so lucky to have you as a mother !!

    I'm so sorry that both of you suffer in your different ways but giving each other support must be difficult yet so fulfilling in the same breath.

    Please tell your daughter that so many of us here have expressed how incredible we think she is, but also you have to take credit for raising her to be the lovely girl she is.

    Kudos certainly to you 😊😊😊

    Foggy x

  • Ow thank you hun I have tears in my eyes she is a beautiful and amazing girl and I am so proud to be her mum and we both fight everyday for each other and help each no matter how ill she is she always asks if I'm ok she says how many spoons have u got left today mum coz I need to borrow some she's the most thoughtful selfless person I no and I have shown her your post and told her how supportive u have all been and she cryed thanx again and big hugs to you xxx

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story of your brave little girl. Your post is inspiring and moving, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish both you and your daughter all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you for your support

  • Hello Lulu

    What a wonderful daughter you are raising. My Goddaughter has a very similar arthritis and spent many a year in pure agony. She has just turned 18 and does not suffer nearly as much anymore.

    I take my hat off to both of you for managing to support each other.

    Your daughter sounds amazing. Please pass on a message to her from me that she is a very special young lady looking after her mum. Please would you also give her these from me 💐

    Your daughter is a credit to you, and as everyone has already said kudos to you for bringing her up so well. Not easy when you have Fibro.

    Lu xx

  • Thank you so much your message made me cry I really appreciate all ur kind words and support I have told my daughter and she sends a big thank you and big hugs to you xxx

  • Hi Lulu,

    Aww that made me cry just for a change.

    You have an incredibly brave daughter and your an equally brave mum.

    Sending big gentle hugs to both of you.

    Jo xx

  • Hi no thanx for your lovely message I cry everyday when I see her breaking inside but pull herself out of bed and give me that smile she's my angel

  • Very brave strong awesome and inspiring little girl! She sounds like a wonderful young lady! She has a awesome mommy too!!

  • Thank you that means a lot I try to do the best by all my children I'm so proud of her she's a fighter

  • It's all been said. Thank you for sharing this inspirational moment with us. My pain feels a bit less. If she can be brave in her pain, I can be brave too.

    Nice of you to share spoons!

  • That's how I look at it if she can smile everyday while crying inside so can I thank you for your message and hugs to you

  • Lots of love and hugs to you both xoxoxox

  • Thank you and hugs to you too

  • Gosh poor little thing put it all in perspective for us .

    My youngest has a friend at uni she's 21 , and has something similar , has a blind father and spent most of her teen years looking after herself and him ,mother ran off and left her to cope when father lost sight , she's been here to stay year last summer , so brave so clever so hopefull for the future ,gives them a special insight to life I think

    Hugs to your inspirational daughter and you .

    Chris xx

  • Thank you yes she is an inspiration and makes me fight more everyday

  • Thank you for telling us about your daughter, she is an inspiration.

    Well done to both of you!

  • Aww thank you she is an amazing girl and I'm so proud of her thanx for your lovely message

  • Sending both of you a hug and a little extra strength to help you through this time.


  • Thanx and love and hugs to you too xxx

  • Thank you everyone for your lovely messages and support my daughter also sends her love and hugs to all of you it's nice to no so many people care thanx again xxx

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