Help from a GP?

Hi is anyone having trouble getting help from there GP? I had to tell my doctor to send me to took near a yr for an appointment only to be told im not getting the proper treatment and that is why iv bn getting worse..she has suggested i get refared to rheumatology,I went up to my GP and told him what she had suggested and he just said well we will wait till we get her letter.I told him im in that much pain i feel like killing myself and as usual its here take them tablets and see how they work.Im in that much pain with the nervus sysptoms im eating the meds an bouncing of the walls im that druged up.Wat can i do to get my doctor to sit up and listen? its been 8yrs now and i cant take much more my body is so weak and tired with all this..


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  • Thank you Christine i think ill do that Xx

  • Hi

    I am afraid that you are in the same place as so many others. I have refused to see any other doctor apart from one.

    If you contact the GMC you can find another doctor in your area that has knowledge off or already treats our condition.

    I got sent the other day to a Pain Clinic. The doctor said that the GP's don't simply know what to do so just slip you in the system. He recommended a therapy clinic in Northampton where the doctor specialises in us.


  • Hi Ann,wat is GMC? in Northern Ireland.

    Thank you

    Sarah x

  • Hi, I got excited about that comment regarding the GMC but when I phoned them they say they do not recommend doctors who deal with specific conditions!!! My GP is as above and as yet I am still getting no treatment at all so am in agony. This is despite seeing the rheumatologist and being diagnosed. Do GP's think you are lying to them or something.

  • Hi sarah,

    I am sorry but i would change doctors hun, he/she obviously doesnt have your best intrests, You are entitled to be referd when you ask.

    kel xxx

  • Yes i agree with you on that jazher change your GP i did few months ago i was actually diagnosed by my nurse practioner and that is who i see all the time she is fantastic but i had to have GP but my new one was useless tried to say i had ceiliac disease took me off al my ned etc /blood tests so day after went back to NP and she reinstated all my meds and i put in a request to change i di and saw new Gp who is now a man but he is nice and he actually told me i had carpal tunnel due to fibro and got me some wrist splints so o think he is up on the fibromyalgia so would not worry if i had to see ghim love to you diddle x

  • Thank you ladies...i wld just need to find out who is best dealing with this in are area..fingers crossed girls.

    Sarah x

  • Hi Sarah

    So sorry to hear that you have got this problem really hope that you can get some help somewhere soon as you, need the help and support of someone who you can trust you will have to push if needs be to get the help you need don't give up we are all here for you as have all probably been in your situation.

    Hugs Ruby xx

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