Well at long last after months of fighting for a MRI a doctor saying my back pain was mussel pain and down to my fibromyalgia or artirtis Got a phone call doctore wanted to see me about my M.R .I results. seen same doctore who' has a attertude problem told me the results show bulging disks in my spine which is the cause of my pain and legs given way then when i told her i new the pain was not like my fibro or artritis and i had Complained to another GP she got a attatude towards me. And said well do you want to de refared to a Rurolgist. Told her strait thats what i have been asking for for a long time as last time i seen one was one after i was diagnosed so nurse tomorrow for ECG ,Blood presure and somethink about my blood results. Then doctores monday to see a decent doctore . It no wonder we get so stressed when we fight as everythink is put down to excisting health problem .😕

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  • Sorry to hear you were treated that way and wrong diagnosis was made.Lets be glad the problem has been found and you will be getting help from hopefully a better gp. Good luck.Peck🐤

  • Thank you just so glad to to get my results back as i kept telling them the pain was different.

  • Totally agree, once your diagnosed with fibro it's an easy label to attribute other things too. Well done and pushing for MRI I did the same and have bulging discs on top of fibro in my neck.

  • Thank you for your reply .

  • Hi fibro10

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that your standard of care has fallen well short of what we should expect. I am not really surprised though as many members on the forum appear to have the same issue with doctors, in that once you get a Fibro diagnosis then everything is put down to that!

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your referral, your ECG , Blood pressure and your blood test results. I also sincerely hope that the doctor that you see on Monday is much better than the previous doctor. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Well done, my GP is great as soon as i told her she sent me for a M.R.I. scan and as you bulging discs seen my consultant at the pain clinic having blockers injections then denerveation injections

  • I can relate... My Doc of 22 yrs. Just said just take B6 an ibprohen 14 aday an pretend im not hurting... Yeah... I kept telling him i couldn't walk good an my hands we're milling me... He said are u ready for surgery.. I of course said well no.. I'd like to know whats wrong and see... I finally went to another doc in that's practice..she was very concerned.. Mri showed Spinal Stenosis, DDD, multaskelta, 2 kinds of Arthritis. I had medical leave at work.. Im now home never to return. Changed Insurance and doc.. Xrays on hands show and electro shock on hands showed extreme nerve damage, severe carpal tunnel, paralysis. 8 fingers shot... Had surgery on both.. Better but not cured.. Still some numbness. Oh yes from my 22 yrs of records and another doc.. I have Fibromynalgia also.. I go to therapy 2x wk.. Its only to help deal with pain.. Ive used a cane over a yr.. I refuse pain meds.. I take Anti inflammatory for the SS, Amitriptine for fibro... It seems to help better than cymbalta.. I wish had changed doc sooner, maynot be in bad shape.. I have filled for disability.. My medical leave ended mid march.. So far 7 months later im still not giving up.. Gota keep going.. Its killing me not to do the things im use to doing.. If caught sooner.. Might havebern different. Good luck.. I could keep telling you my stories.. 😌

  • Yes i understand what you mean i had to change doctors two years ago which were great but the one i seen the past two months is new .but have told my other doctor and her i wont see her again .A for work i loved my job and would go out to work tomorrow if i was able . hugs x

  • l can certainly relate to simular experience, from having my second son by csection, l developed chronic lower back hip thigh pain, generally went from being a fit active person to one who wasnt, l could fuction, but with frequent debilitating pain and other uncomfortable unpleasant symptoms. Days of total fatigue sleepiness even then, bouts of aneamia, uti infection,s thrush. Put restrictions on lifestyle, affected relationships, but gps lst put down to post op, then gyny, hormonal, had d and c, different pills didnt help or made worse, and years went by, started having kidney probs, infections. Paid to see gyny, had laprascope, told all fine, despite spending week in hospital due to pain swelling, sent home worse. By which time gps decided phycalogical, phycosomatic pain, hypacondria, councelling, anti depressants, by that time l was anxious and depressed with it, years had gone by, no better , getting worse, we kept a living going by sharing runnning a small shop, own pace. Social life minimul, sex life near non existant, l tried to make the best of it for my two sons growing up, if at all reasonable took them off in camper van for treats. l occassionally blew in anger, my poor husband got the brunt of that. l came away from docs often either in tears of frustration, or anger.Finally 12yrs later a new to me gp on call out when l was having a very bad bout, referred me to a Urologist, which there,s alwasy been a connection to bladder urethra, which l guess gp put down to non specificit uretheritus, phycalogical elament. But with urologist got xray, scan, scope over months and diagnoses of intersticial cystitus, inflammation of the bladder to extent it bleeds, scars, and prone to infection due to it. Its like most inflammatory immune conditions not cureable, but meds to help symptoms, and they did over a year or reduced 90percent, amitrip, cimetidine, Like you, and l know your not expressing as much as you feel, l cant, bad memories l have to push away to be posative enough to get on with life, and not brood on it, The gp involved retired, butyes you do wonder if things had beeen diagnosed and treated sooner. l would say to anyone if they believe their pain illness is a serious problem and on going dont be fobbed off, keep at them or change drs. Likes you there,s a lot more, but give you a break, and just say l,m glad fibro and yourself have got diagnoses and treatment, and hope the future will be better for all.

  • I was on cymbalta almost a yr.. Until the new insurance said i was too costly an try something cheaper. Well, i went thru withdrawals until doc got them to approve Amitriptline. Wasn't good.. So far this is helping in other ways cymbalta did.. I wrote s long letter to insurance co and called.. Oh they ok'd meds finally.. I've been thru the pain the past few yrs . still hurts but not like before... My legs are the worse.. I can't even put sheets on my bed.. I take a shower an i have to rest just to get clothes on.. There was no way to work any longer.. Should've quit sooner. I could hardly make it to the car after work an got home an went to bed.. I'm 59 an have custody of 3 grandau... It keeps me going... Don't have time to sit long... Well, i never thought id ever be this way. I was active.. Played catcher on ball teams... Even into my 20's.. Bowled.. Basketball.. Walked 5 miles aday... Now if i get down one step an to the car.. Im thrilled... Gota be something else that will help.. Prayers for all y'all.....

  • You wonder dont you, l was also very active, tom boy, walking rough and tumble, great stamina. Can dissapear overnight, your right about children, l think mine kept me going through the horror times, youve got to for them, and they give back, affection fun unconditional. l guess your grandaughters are older now, so hope theyre able to help and support you, or at least clear up after themselves. When my sons left home, l sure didnt miss the mess they could create, but still miss their company, interesting and fun. Its amazing how we adapt and are thrilled with small achievements, thrilled as you say, been there. l still get bouts of bad pain, but not as often or as intense, small mercies. plus knowing what the problems means a lot. l hope you get support and pleasure from your grandaughters, you being carer thats something else you would not have expected, same in uk, lve never known so many grandparents caring for their grandchildren, be it daily or permanently. hope things improve for us all, keep hopex

  • i was fortunate that my spinal damage showed on a plain xray. but i was the other way round , was told my aches were my arthritis i reckoned i had either poly or fibromyalgia. in the end i have both.

    unfortunately medicine is an inexact science combined with this goverment trying to cut costs everywhere

  • Never a truer word its all about saveing money whill we suffer. Hugsx

  • We live with our bodies 24 hours a day and we know instinctively when there is something wrong and we get so used to fibro pain with all its variations we know when it is something different. Why oh why won't they listen to us. So glad you at last have some answers and hope the rheumi can help you.x

  • Thank you for your reply Yes i agree thats what i told her were the one in 24 / 7 pain not them hope you have a good weekend HUGS X

  • I know the feeling.

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