Hi well I'm at my lowest seeing the doctor today, I've moved home and seeing a new doctor, for those that haven't seen my posts. I have osteoarthritis in my back, spondalosus in my neck, sacrilliitis in my lower back, loss of balance, also suffer from clinical depression. I lost my benefit due to the Atos medical scoring no points on the 9th of May, I've had nothing but hold ups from the dwp, and for the reconsideration report that took a month for them to eventually send it to the address I informed them about on the 7th of July. They have made me late to put my appeal in, I have someone now helping me from Cab, My argument to the court is that to work I would need support, ie allowed to take medication, stand, sit, when needed, afternoons as mornings are my worst,I was offered no help. I have been told by the Dwp there is only family, and food banks, which allowance is three. My family have helped, keep me in food and electric, I now have a left shoulder inpingment and seeing a specialist on Friday. My medication is 8-10 30mg codeine a day, 8-10 paracetomol, Pregablin 75mg twice a day, 500mg Naproxen twice a day, 100mg of Sertraline at night, I sleep approx. 2-3 hrs at a time. I've been told physio wouldn't help really, I've lost over 2 stone, that's a good point, These last few weeks, I feel that there's nothing I'm offered to help me. I'm sorry that my post is so long, just had to get this off my chest.

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  • Yvon,

    sorry to hear you are in such a difficult place just now, with your conditions & finances! I am like you fortunate in having family, who have me for dinner at least once a week, which helps me budget what little benefits I have for my bills, my dinners are mainly, beans on toast, omelettes, pasta or rice based dishes as they are more cost effective, I'm still paying a mortgage & all the usual bills, I'm fortunate in as much as I do not need to use food banks!. A positive for you to focus on is, you're at a new GP they maybe more understanding of your health, cut you back on some of your meds as sometimes, some tablets fight against each other! also once you get your DWP stuff sorted they should back date your payments, Sorry I went on a bit it was meant to be a positive message. Take Care x

  • Thank you for your reply, I have just come from the doctors and am going to see a physio which the doctor said would then see about scans, what surprised me was when he hit my left knee with the hammer, it was just a dull thud and never budged, he tried again and nothing, my Pregablin has been increased from 75 to 150 so that should help, I have to have my bloods taken again as the blood count was border line, I don't know what that means. I'm at hospital to see a specialist on Friday so hopefully my left shoulder can be sorted, so far its looking like I'll get help from this new doctor, when I asked my old doctor, he just said you have your medication, tens machine, walking stick, I want to see if things can be put right. As for the Dwp, I have both reports from Atos and Dwp, things twisted, missed out, or outright lies, I sat and went through the lot and hope to show them up, for there out right lies. The point I'm going to make at the appeal, is that I received no points, they have taken months to hold up me appealing, and I wanted to be put in a group where I would receive support, and none was offered. I was previously on a placement and only managed two weeks and was released from it, and now they want to repeat the same again. Sorry my reply was so long, oh as for food I have a sandwich a day that's fine, I had to move away from family as with no benefit couldn't afford the shortfall on my flat.

  • It sounds as though you are still having a rough time. I do hope that the specialist can help you about the shoulder. Could the person who is helping you with your appeal also help you to see whether there are any other benefits you can apply for?

  • Thank you, my family have been helping when they could, I didn't know that the council could pay the £14 a fortnight to my rent allowance, I have qualified that was thanks to cab, wished I'd gone sooner. So my advice to anyone would be don't wait, make appointment to see someone at the local Cab.

  • Yvon, if your not working & on limited income you also qualify for council tax benefit, I'm in Scotland & when my council tax was reviewed for benefits it is linked with DWP benefit systems & I only pay minimum council tax without benefit my council tax would be £130 a month! I pay water charges & little council tax sp a bit more manageable. Take Care xxx

  • Hi Yvon

    I have read your post with so much pain and sorrow for the emotional stress and torment that you are clearly suffering at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are so desperately searching for.

    I hope that the CAB can help you ascertain your PIP, and that you do not have to wait too much longer? I have pasted you a link to a website called benefits and work as it has loads of useful information on the site that you may find interesting and beneficial.


    I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Yvon,

    How did you get on at Doctor's today? I was thinking of you. Gentle hugs sent to you xxx

  • Geez Sweetheart I really feel so bad for you. Hopefully the DWP will be in touch soon. I'm glad you have family that are nearby to help you out. It's okay that you let it all out, sometimes it helps just to get everything off your chest. I pray that you hear some good news soon honey, meanwhile hang in there. xxx Mitzi

  • Hi I just read your post I hope your ok ,how did you get on with the doctor ,are you ok have you tryed social services for help ? Please let us know your ok big hugs x

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