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Update on Disappointed


Hello everyone just an update on my doctor visit today after receiving the refusal of mobility on PIP (but full care) She was outraged that this has been taken away and has advised me to send a reconsideration to them. In the letter it also states that they have looked at the medical evidence - Doctor has said no one has been in touch with her for any up to date medicals. The last medical asked for was from ESA back in 2012.... She is disgusted that they have not taken anything into account and also has offered to do a medical report Free of Charge for me, i offered to pay the fee of £25 but she has refused x

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Hi there

I fully appreciate that what you are going through is utterly disgraceful, but you are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive GP.

I sincerely hope that you get your mobility and get to keep your car.

It sounds as though your GP is definitely on the case.


Lu xx

thanks Lu x


They have certainly commited a crime by telling porkies. Please take all your paper work/ evidence to the CAB, where they can offer support and assistance.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

They can't tell untrue's on paper and get away with it!!!!!

Hugs xxxx

maxii123 in reply to Hidden

thanks hun xx

BlueMermaid3 in reply to Hidden

Sadly they do I'm afraid xx

They NEVER look at medical evidence! , I hate the way when we have to send in form before signing you have to declare that everything you put on the form is true or you could be prosecuted, but it is okay for them to lie out the back of there heads!!

They don't contact your g.p or anyone you are medically involved with, let's face it they all get a big fat bonus for every time they reject a person, they don't care about who they hurt in the process

You should do as your g.p advises and ask her/him for a letter of support ( remember anything you send in photocopy for your own records)

Don't give up without a fight!!

When I had a hell of a fight on with esa( long story, long fight)

My g.p that i had changed to was really supportive and wrote a letter

, the g.p I had before him , she was a right cow and reckons unless you are dead you can work attitude

But it seems your g. P is supportive so ask for a letter and see what he/she says

And good luck!!

thanks xxx

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your reconsideration.

All my hopes and dreams for you


maxii123 in reply to TheAuthor

thanks ken

I had a decision on DLA turned around when they said they had based their decision on my application form and medical evidence from my GP when in fact the GP had not sent any evidence. I pointed this out to them and sent them a supporting letter from him and they then sent a letter and said they had changed their decision so go for it girl.x

maxii123 in reply to rosewine

thanks Rosewine

Aha! Seems if they get caught in an untruth it might turn things around, no question. Besides, who'd want to actually admit deceit when you can simply change & honor the request ... ?

fingers crossed eh! xx


I read your post with a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach, i have been on DLA for a number of years, I had to phone and tell them a change of circumstance, that I now had Diabetes, they took me of DLA and I have had to claim for PiP, Iv filled everything in and have to go for a medical examination with a health advisor on Monday. I'm physically disabled, diabetes, fibromyalgia, anxiety but still I have read so many people are being refused. I worry they will take my car away.

Keep fighting and I sincerely hope you win your case, I wait with hope that you win.

Take care


aww lorraine bless you, i am lucky as i have the backing from my doctor. I have been discharged now from all 3 of the hospitals i attended (1 for spinal rehab, 1 for bowel and bladder and the last one was Fibro) as there is nothing more that can be done but pain management, and to be honest i have been through 3 lots of that so i could probably teach them a thing or 2 lol. I hope all goes well and keep us updated xxx

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