you just couldn't make this up!!!!

dear all thought I would post and make you laugh, here goes.. a couple of days ago my partner(who retired in 2009) received a letter from DWP to do with his state pension' to tell him they had been checking their records and from 2009 to present day they had been paying him too much by £10 a month and that luckily they had decided not to ask him to pay it back ,however from the date of the letter they were amending it ,so he would no longer get the £10.00 in question , they also stated in the letter he had never been married , so today he decided to ring them to tell them he was divorced 20 years ago and to go through it with them about the so called amendment as the letter never really offered any proper reason he felt for the change...

so he rang the DWP this morning went through it all with them and they said oh no that is wrong(so the amendment is wrong!) ..on our system it says that since 2009 you have been overpaid 1p a month Not 10.00 as stated on the letter!!, partner just rang me and told me!!! they will save 52p a year (and the price to send him a letter of amendment which turns out to actually be incorrect probably costing them 60p if it was sent 2nd class what are they actually gaining ,I will just do the maths 0.00p!!! ( p.s I don,t know how he is going to manage losing that 1p a month!!!...

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  • Amazing....I hope he copes. It's devastating news. What are they like. Can you imagine what it would be like if they ever decided to go into politics lol. The cost of the letter alone has blown their profit for this year. Your right you could not make this up. I hope you both recover.....and have a good day.

    Tannels xx

  • cheers tannel, !all I can say is good job we don't still have halfpennies|! or they might not have been able to understand that 2 halfpennies back in the day were actually a penny!!!

  • Yes that's so true. x

  • The number of times I get reams of paper from the DWP to tell me something completely insignificant is manifold and I too wonder at their stupidity over the cost of such mail....

    Your partner must be mortified at the thought of such a loss ;-) ;-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • How many times do we get duplicate letters as well lol?

  • Not really surpirsed at this! On a slightly different note (but same principle), I received a letter and statment from a well know high street bank a few weeks ago. The statement told me I had £0.18p in my current account - I'd closed it years ago. BUT - along with this life changing amount of money, they sent me a whole ream of stuff suggesting how I could INVEST IT!!! Lol!

  • Hehehe, garda, I got a cheque for £5.20 from an electricity company who I had left years ago, they also sent reams of "explanatory notes" and of course at the end of the day, they were trying to get me to switch back to them...... eerr no !! Btw never cashed the cheque, it got lost until last week so it's more than six months so I believe I can't cash it now, oh woah is me ;-)

    Foggy x

  • £5.20 that is enough for nearly 10 choccy bars.

  • even more than 10 bars if you go in the pound shop!!!

  • ..when I finally after a major fight got moved to the support group in jan on the SAME DAY I got one letter from the DWP saying I was put in it from the 11th jan and the other letter I had from them on the same day said I had been put in it since the 25th jan!!!!, one of the letters addressed to me correctly on the outside , then whilst reading the letter I was suddenly mr not miss !! ..god if they had brains imagine how dangerous they would be!!!... by the way we have more devastating news .. I said that my partner would get 1p a month knocked off his state pension but it is in fact 1p a week!!! don't know how he will manage we may have to sell the family silver... (not that we have any to sell!!) .....

  • well I must say that until I read these posts I was depressed because I lost my esa appeal BUT now I havnt laughed so much in a long time lololol...... tenna lady anyone??!!!!

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