Past post - DWP members only being human - please could you advise

Hi I was wondering if the member who posted this blog could help me? I have to ask for DWP to reconsider their decision and I know you were successful please could you help I did save your post but lost it somewhere fibro fog strikes again. I have been placed in WRAG, no medical - home visit cancelled twice, no contact with my doctor, ATOS did an on paper assessment only - decision recieved today any advice would be amazing. Many thanks XH

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  • Hi

    Your story sounds the same as me. I was also put in the WRAG, no medical, no home visit and no contact with my GP or consultants. It said that all I had was back pain and nothing else which is so wrong. I am appealing at the moment. This is being going on since March this year and still not sorted. It is affecting me quite badly at the moment my depression is getting worse and I'm not sleeping at the moment for some reason. Please appeal if you think that they have put you in the wrong group. it does take a while to go through the process put please do it.


  • Thank you Dee, I will appeal despite wanting not to yesterday, I have got nothing to lose, my OH works so will have nothing in a years time if I dont. I have been through so much since this all began in Feb I really could wish I didnt have to, but they leave you no choice. I have asked for the 'one page' report, you have to laugh my file would need a forklift to carry it. Any advice would be helpful and thank you for your support, good luck with your appeal xx XH

  • fibroaction.healthunlocked.... #

    Try this link hun

  • Well done Ozzy, thanks for finding this link! :) xxx


  • Awwww schucks, it was nothing lol. Normally I would not think to do that but I think I may have had a brainblast prior to doing it(fibrofog 10-Brainblast 1) xxxxx

  • Well done a victory indeed lol! ;) xxx

  • I do not have many brain blasts and today proved it all as I will go and post todays blog lol xxxxx ;)

  • I never got the chance to get into any group I was cured by ATOS in around 42-43 minutes flat and classed as fit to work and was expected to claim JSA. You should appeal hun and I hope you win xxxxx

  • Im sorry you have been treated so badly it seems to be happening over and over. In comparison it must seem Im being ungrateful, but I will have to appeal as my husband works and there will be nothing after a year for me to pay for the care I need. Thank you for your support xx XH

  • No you are not ungrateful, you can just see the injustice of it all as we all do. But when WRAG has finished you can reapply for ESA on the grounds your health has worsened as far as I know, good luck hun xxxxx

  • Thank you I will look into that I just thought that was the end of the road when it ran out Thank you Ozzygirl xx

  • I know I read it on one of the site dedicated to benefits. xxxxx

  • Have you got the Benefits and Work info sheets on ESA and DLA XH?! If not please email is on and we will be happy to send these out to you for free, hopefully they will help you.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Thank you Libbs I emailed them this morning and hsad them back straight here goes Thank you xx

  • That's great XH, hope they're helpful to you! Take care and please let us know how everything goes for you. We are always here to help where we can. xxx

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