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Confused. Com by dwp


I have recently been told im in the work related group of esa, even though dwp has told them im unfit for work by my doctor and social worker, and if I could go back to work my job is still open for me to return. Now what is confusing me I have been told over and over again I need to send in sick notes which my current one runs out tom, but my doctor is refusing to issue me with one as she has had a letter from dwp saying she doesnt need to issue me with one until further notice. Will my money stop and they gonna make me go back to work in my current state. (Flare up last week). Ive home help come in twice a week to help me and im not entitled to dla. When I phone them I explain to them that stress is the main culprit to thid condition and I get confused very easily and dont understand what they are saying to me. Only a few people at dwp understand fibromyalgia but others are so igornant. I cant sleep at night again and I can feel my old pal depression seeping back in. Has anyone else had this. So do I or dont I have to send in sick notes. Ps sorry for the ramble xx

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Hi there , why are you not entitled to dla its for people who work to help them stay at work and for those who can't work... Have you been refused ... It's always worth putting in another claim ... Though it may have to be PIP now... As our condition can change so rapidly..

If you would like to claim again or for the first time ..

If you email. with the heading dla/ pip benfits help Emma can email you back the sheets to help you fill in the forms

VG x


My claim for DLA has been refused even at tribunal so no,you wont get DLA unless you get professional; help with your claim.


I have a tribunal hearing next month for dla as I have been refused twice now and turned down on both appeals. People dont understand this invisible illness plus I have copd and my lungs are working at 50% capacity at mo xx


you dont have to send sick notes once put in group


Who is telling you over and over that need to send in sick notes? Once you are in WRAG, there is no need to send sick notes after that.


I too was sending in repeat sick notes until I received the letter telling me I had been put into wrag due to atos decision. I would send a letter or phone the people who keep sending you the demands for sicknotes - sounds like one department hasn't told another department what is happening! (again!)

Good Luck,



Dwp have told me when I ring them.


I have phoned them again this morning and now they are informing me I DONT need to send them in xx


Dependent upon when the decision was made you need to appeal str8 away. download and print the 2013 esa descriptors for the support group. From there link your illness to the descriptors and write and tell the dwp on the gl24 why you fit the criteria

Any probs feel free to drop me a pvt message

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


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