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Things that have helped and Things that haven't

Hello All,

I hope that the following list, from my own long journey, may help someone.

What didn't help:

Wishing it would go away and other avoidant behaviours

Pushing myself too hard and not pushing myself enough - its a double edged sword

Unkind people - you learn who your true friends are

Insensitive Arrogant Doctors - who's self interest overshadows professional ethics esp. private ones.

Local/ Government, Public Sector, ATOS - this toxic mix made me ill, the opposite of what they claim to want.

Unpleasant places, situations - Their effects were magnified and led to flare ups.

What helped:

Caring professionals esp. doctors and physio.

Acupuncture - more so because of the physio who did it.

Exercise - gym and walking in fresh air, swimming is good but getting cold isn't, Qi Gong

Epsom Salt Baths - The magnesium does wonders for the aches and is very soothing

MBSR Mindfulness course - this was on the NHS, very helpful and led by a very good instructor

Fresh Food and Diet - A simple and healthy diet, lots of fruit/ veg/ pulses and no processed or chemically laden foods.

Kefir - amazing probiotics, natural and inexpensive

Sunshine - Elixir of life, absolutely essential.

Vitamins - D, C, Zinc, Cod Liver Oil

Interests - Music, Art, Nature - things that nourish the soul and senses

Friends/ Family - sharing/ caring and laughter, love is always healing.

Alexander Technique - eliminated most of my Fibro symptoms, I learned from a truly amazing teacher .

So this is my list, I'm sure I've forgotten things. I'd love to hear other people's views on this list and what you've found un/helpful.

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Thank you for a ray of sunshine!

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Lovely to read such a positive post very relatable. :) I would say all of the helped list are musts. Epson salts have did wonders for me My muscles relax better with them. Exercise and healthy eating make such a difference much more energy when I eat well. Few things I'll need to try too such as acupuncture.. so thanks :)

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Hi soteti

I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today? Thank you for your post, it is very enjoyable and motivational.

Now then, things I like that help my Fibro? The forum, having a sense of humour (my wife may disagree?), I always feel better with a cup of tea and a couple of Bourbon biscuits, definitely my TENS Machine!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Tea is always good so comforting, I have a Digestive (sometimes) far better than coffee which puts my nerves on end.



I have found a few things that help my pain. My TENS Machine, which I usually use twice a week, only downside is I can't get it on my back by myself. I also go for a weekly aromatherapy massage. I find these really help with relaxation and loosen the knots in my back and shoulders. Tiger balm is also wonderful.

C x

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Thanks I'lll look into the TENS. I love aromatherapy and balms are wonderful.


Hiya... you have listed some very sensible ideas.... it sounds like you have gone a long way to finding out how to manage fibromyalgia.... well done!

Things I find helpful....

Avoiding stressful and confrontational situations

Avoiding obnoxious people

A short walk in the fresh air

Yoga, swimming, reflexology

Pacing and careful planning

Eating little and often .... healthy food, fruit, vegetables, porridge

Soaking in the bath

Making "fun" of myself when the fibrofog strikes!

Saying "No" when people expect too much of me....

I am sure there are other things, but my brain has gone blank! ( not unusual)

Basically it is all about teaching yourself to "live life in a new way"

Xxx :)

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Great idea to laugh at the fog.. I eat Oatabix, which really helps manage my sugar levels.


Thank you I love the whole list, reminds me of some I'd forgotten.


What a lovely thing to post :)

My list as I am still new to all this are

Things that make me feel better

Being gentle on my self :)

Long warm soaks :)

My dogs they make me laugh :d

This site it keeps me sane :d

Walks with the dogs :)

My daughter :d

The sunshine :)

My garden :)

My iPad :)

A cup of tea :)

My friends hot tub when she fills it up again :) : d

Good friends :d

A good dr :-)

Things that make me poorly

Stress :p

Filling out forms :p

The dogs barking :p

Unkind uncaring people :p:p

Overdoing it :p

A bad cup of tea :) :p

Un untidy house as I have to tidy it :(

An arrogant doctor :(

Getting cross at things I have no control over :p

and something I shouldn't have but do often as it's about my only vice and my waist line doesn't like to let it go once it's got it. Wait for it CHOCOLATE :p


What a great list, I can so relate to avoiding obnoxious people - vexations to the spirit. And Chocolate I don't have it since Asda stopped doing their own brand, organic variety; which was heavenly. I can't eat the rest. I'm looking to see if I can foster a dog.


I can recommend re homing a dog ,I have two rescues, a beagle and a labxbeagle I didn't intend to ,but I lost my old boy jan last year and was very upset ,then in late June met shadow (hence my user name ) then ended up with my sons beagle as a tempory rehoming but I think I may have him for good. They give me a reason to get up every day ,they make me laugh every day and they show me love every day. they make me happy. Xx


I'm not quite at the stage to get a dog, hence the idea of fostering, to test the waters. The cost and time requirements are a bit of a concern for me.

But I love dogs and they do make one happy with their cute



If and when you do ,make sure you get insurance ,the cost of feeding is not that much ,it cost me more to feed my cat than two dogs ,I use I farm supplier for both but I spend £20 -£25 per month on a sack of dry dog food. Where the cat cost £30. I do buy charcole biscuits that helps with the wind :p and I am prone to buying them toys but they are so much fun murph is snuggled up next to me at the moment so I don't need a hot water bottle :d save my electric so less on the heating bill :) it all works out. Xx


Thanks, that's very helpful to know. I always assumed it was hideously expensive. Other reasons for caution are that I'm allergic to cat hair and mildly affected by dust/ other pet hair.


I have a really good vacuum cleaner , if you do decide to go for make sure when rehoming you know as much about background as you can , shadow was never walked much after the family divorce and the new man wasn't user friendly so then he didn't get walked at all then they referred to him as a problem ,Murphy was taken everywhere with first owner and then suddenly they found out they were expecting another baby Murphy was only 9 months and they didn't want him any more :( my son re homed him but had to work and didn't realise he had abandonement issues he crys every time he's left alone ,he's better than he was now as he has shadow when I go out but ,the noise he makes when I come is incredible ,he does not like me going out but obliviously with our condition I am never gone for long and I always come back .good luck with what you decide but one more thing read up about the type of dogs you like even if it's a cross breed , it will have a dominate gene shadow is half beagle and lab as I said he looks like a lab sounds like a beagle but behaves like a lab ,the previous owners told me he behaved like a beagle they new nothing about beagles he's is a pure lab in personality ,my motto is treat them with love and love is what you get in return xx Chris


Ahh thanks, its so helpful to have this 'insider knowledge'.. I will look into it more, I need to maybe have a dog for a short time at home and see how I cope. So many dogs have been treated so badly makes me sad and mad. Its a big decision for me because I would never abandon a dog.


That's my thoughts to ,as we had a family dog for 15 years , and there was always someone home ,but when it was suggested I have another one I initially said no as it wasn't fair ,but then I saw shadow and he's a mini Archer ,my old lab , and I was hooked I went and had a chat with local vet and that was that ,my son on the other hand was still grieving for Archer and when he said he was thinking of getting a dog a advised him against it then when he said he was, i told him he shouldn't ,he did it any way and told me he was 24 and I could not tell him what to do ,and I told him not to expect me to pick up pieces ,then 3 months later he I got a phone call muuuuuuuum do you know anyone who could have Murphy and the reply was no I left him stew for a couple of hours then said till Xmas now I am hooked.

I have told Evan he never got round to buy me a 50 th so I have decided Murphy s it ,I am not sure if I mean it ,or if he believes it but I can't see Murphy ever being left 8 hours a day I think it would be cruel, so we take everything a day at a time just like fibro.



Thank you for your honesty & positive input to the rest of us. I found your list of vitamins informative. I found your reference to Alexander Technique very exciting. I had to look it up & am going to discuss it with my husband in the morning, or whenever I I wake up aft ER my three nights of insomnia. Again, thank you!


I thought if it helps even one person, its worthwhile, I'm glad you found it useful. Re. Vitamins, I also take Iron and occasionally calcium.

As for the Alexander Technique I may sound evangelical but it has been life changing. It is something you experience, and the literature on the subject doesn't explain it well. A bit like describing swimming I guess. I was just very lucky to find a truly amazing teacher. The best thing is to jump in as I did and have a lesson to get the experience. Where in the country are you? My teacher Peter is in London, Good luck and if you need any info pm me.


Very nice - Thanks so much!


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