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Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

Hi everyone, i don't know how you all feel about this BUT i was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 11 years ago, and have coped ok BUT now feel i need to see my Rhumatoid Specialist again for a talk/check-up to see if there is any way i can help myself further, ive mentioned this to my Dr who feels i won't get anywhere and will be told to live with it. Myself however thinks very differently. as i want to go down the holistic route, im a very very positive person, who thinks like is what you make it ie you can either except a no-hope just carry on situation or you can fight your corner to get the best quality of life you can for yourself,so ive decided to reorganise my DIET and join a GYM to strenghten my muscles use the hydrotherapy pool to excercise, do YOGA,and meditation and see how i feel in 6 months from now, i'll be fitter for sure , but fatigue,pain and emotions memory, will improve but how much we'll see i love the SUNSHINE, cold is not so good but at the gym the cost for the hydrotherapy pool is £13 a session so you could up that as and when you need it, and of course making friends is a must as well. My diagnosis was basd on Rhumatoid Arthritus being in the family, and i had all the pressure points of pain as well.We must all ways try to see the positive in all things and keep ourselves as cheerful as possible, as we can as having a chronic illness is never ever going to be a walk in the park.

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Hi Vectra, what a shame your doctor is so negative, how do they expect us to be positive when they say these things.I too like to think I am a positive person and will do anything to improve my situation. Do go to the gym, it might hurt a lot at first. I do aqua classes as exercise in the water puts less pressure on our bodies, I do yoga too. I find yoga the hardest as the teacher is quite tough, but do let them know and they can advise you on alternatives.I do the best I can and he (the teacher) knows I do. The relaxation is good too, and can be done at home. We are all desperate for a bit of warm sunshine, I for one feel better during the summer. Good luck and keep smiling (it does help) x


Hi Vectra do you have a spa or leisure suit in a hotel near you that has membership. I go to one near me and it is £55 to £75 a month and the water is 30deg aand the jakuzi hotter,we can use the tennis courts Gym spa area all in the inc price and you get 15% off food and drink.

Worth seeing if there is one or ask at the hospital ,our's charges £25 for 4/6 sessions.

I can only walk in the pool at the moment due to acute flare for last six months or more,but I agree with you,and if you can do it you do all you can!

Gentle hugs and good luck

Rainbow x x


Hello Vectra, thank you for your inspiring post! :) I have the same philosophy as you! :)

Have you considered speaking to your GP about a Hydrotherapy referral, this way you would get this therapy on the NHS and be sent appointments?!

Hope this helps.

Best wishes and hugs. xx



Hi LibertyZ ive been down that route via a previous DR i got some help and got 2 sessions of 6 weeks each, in 2011 however i had seen a consultant over my knee, so im NOT allowed anymore, my current New Dr who is'nt particularly sympathetic with the just live with it attitude, has reapplied but was.nt holding out for me and said find a local one ( hydrotherapy) pool and pay as you need it but ive no income as such, but for £13 per session which im ok about to help me get abit fitter, plus the gym and yoga, should see me much improved ability wise, i just wish i could find a good Dr near to Barnoldswick who was up on fibromyalgia. xxx


Ive joined the patient information thing i was sent BUT im abit confused how to use this as i need one in BARNOLDSWICK/EARBY in Lancashire.Any pointers would help!!!!!


My GP asked me a couple of years ago if I wanted to go back & see the rheumy who diagnosed me to see if she could come up with any new meds or treatment (I keep getting lots of side effects for little benefit in most I've tried). My GP got a letter back saying Rheumy wouldn't see me as she felt there was nothing more that she thought would help - hubby sees her for his RA & I have to bite my tongue every time I see her!


You are entitled to a second opinion Lima in case you aren't aware of this. :)


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