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Diet coke - binned, sweetner - binned. Start a fresh today!

Ok my friend told me today about her sister-in-law and at last it has triggered something in my brain.

I read further info about how the aspartame can affect speech, memory, affects found in fibro sufferers, MS, diabetes etc etc the list unfortunately goes on.

The affects were so close to what i have been suffering from for the last 17yrs that i have had to face things and help myself because nothing else is working.

Start a fresh today think about whats going into your body along with the hundreds of tablets we are taking to try and combat this horrible condition.

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i hope it helps you, i gave up aspartame a couple of months ago, i had been having loads of it for years, :)


Avoid Aspartame at all costs, it really is bad enough for anyone, but for someone with Fibromyalgia, it is proven to cause more symptoms, headaches etc.

Here's some info on it -

I never have anything in the house or buy/eat/drink anything with artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives.


Hi Mattjam

I used to be thourghly addicted to diet coke so much so that that was really all I drank. I gave it up about fourteen years ago and now cannot go near it tastes awful. When you think what a drop of coke will do to a dirty penny think what it must do to your stomach linning. I can honestly say it is a life changing thing try not to use aspartame not good for us. I have a hernia probably as a result of the coke. My children laugh about it now but it was terrible at the time as for taking tablets I believe if they are helping you maintain a reasonable pain free exsistance why give them up.

Good luck xgins


Aspartame is evil stuff, this is about the only country that allows it to be used. Nearly all soft drinks use it especially 'diet' ones. Although I have noticed that some brands are dropping it now.

I was alerted to it many years ago by my daughter who was a medic. The only soft drink that I use now is Sainsbury's own brand lemonade, not the really cheap one, as it is sweetened with sugar, nothing else.

I used to laugh at people that read the ingredients of processed food but do it myself now. It seems to me that Iceland are about the only people that produce, in their own brand products, food with very little in the way of additives.

LOL, some friends who are very much into food without additives poo pooed Iceland food as being cheap and full of junk, so I handed them a selection from my freezer. That shut them up.


I had to keep my son off Aspartame and colourants when he was small as otherwise he was bouncing off the walls and being dangerously adventurous. I rarely drink Fizzies, except for Tonic Water and Bitter Lemon which I take for the small amount of Quinine which helps the cramps I get in my feet and hands, and which my doc recommended rather than putting me onto Quinine tablets, which can be toxic. I don't like the flavour of Aspartame or other sugar substitutes, so mainly I go without sugar as far as possible.

Cheers, Midori


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