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I went to see an orthopaedic specialist on friday last week as i have been getting terrible pain at the back of my heel and in my ankle. O my god = how many things can you have wrong with just one foot.

Achilles tendonopathy, scar tissue at the bottom of my calf, nerve irritation in my foot, arthritis in my foot, bunion and bad circulation. A list and a half for just one limb.

Went to doctors last week as my ankles had started swelling he said keep them raised and that should help and if not come back in a couple of weeks !! whilst there he examined my chest and he said i have fluid at the bottom of my lungs so now waiting for results on another load of blood tests .

Still waiting for appointment to have my right eye cataract removed, had the left eye done in march, 2013, waiting for an appointment to see a memory man and so things go on

Arthritis is playing up like mad and hip is so painful you would not believe it and my knee still keeps giving way so quite a few bruises.

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Morning bbsport it's a bummer when u have so much pain and so many things wrong, a lot is down to the fibro isn't it , especially the knees an hips I have terrine pain in my thigh muscles too, in fact pain everywhere and quite bad this morning, I also have spondylosis of the lower spine, osteoarthritis, Barratts Osophegus which is a pre- malignant condition,to which I keep having to have endoscopys for, asthma, tinnitus and of course the dreaded fibro, which I have had for over 50yrs , so I do sympathise with you and many others on this site, we are all more or less in the same boat that's what Makes it so nice to talk to some like yourself that knows what u are going thru, other people just look at you as if your mad , you get so much help nd laughter on this site I'm so glad I joined, I do hope you feel better soon it's a shame the sun shine is leaving us again,....take care & gentle hugs ...Dee x


Morning you two , well i go with every thing you both have said life is difficult especially with a shopping list of ailments I feel every time i see a doctor my list grows. I think the only thing we can do is endeavour to control our symptoms look after ourselves as best we can and hardest of all at times to try to be positive - this is the best outlook for us all- humour takes the pain away or at lest makes it retreat for a while. Dee obviously enjoys the site and so do many others I think it is the best thing I have ever been involved with :) Have a good day xgins


Hi all,

I think we'd all better get in the queue for a whole-body transplant -- that's the only solution! I'm keeping my eyebrows, tho' - they're superb!

Moffy x


Hi gang,

Don't you take my eyelashes away, their my pride and joy

Lot people think they are falsies!!

So just stand back.

Bibi xx


thank you all for you comments




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