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I am not a "creaking gate"

My life didn't get off to a very good start, I was born the second child of what would eventually become a gang of six kids. I led a sort of double life, I was diagnosed with a renal disease at 18 months old. This saw me in and out of hospitals and over the course of my first 30 years a total of 14 major surgical procedures. Obviously this led to other health issues. I spend so much time in and out of hospitals that whatever relationship I had with my siblings disintegrated over the passing years. I was greatly resented because I kept going into hospital for extended periods and returning home again I kind of became the cuckoo in the nest. My four sisters and one brother were all in fine fettle, hardly ever catching a cold.

Being a renal disease, this led to other ailments, heart, blood pressure, arthritis, fibro, etc the list goes on. Over the years, (I am now 68) my lovely siblings have told me that I 'put it on' or ' I am attention seeking' or even ' I am imagining it all'. Once I got past the 50 years hurdle, I found they were calling me the ' creaking gate' the ' swinging gate'.

For my part, I have made it my life's work to nurse what is left of my half kidney that keeps me away from the transplant unit, by caring for it better than a royal baby. As a result of strictly adhering to the prescribed diet, I piled on weight (drugs I am afraid) (prescribed ones) and not much protein, I get by on a cocktail of prescription medicines. BUT I am so b****y happy to still be alive. I am NOT a gate - creaking or otherwise. I am determined to squeeze every single second of life that is allotted to me. As for my siblings - well who needs such negative opinions. I have a wonderful husband and two fabulous children and four amazing grandsons. All of whom see me as a human being and not a ruddy gate.

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Hi Hidden

I love your positive outlook, long may it continue!

You have your own loving family and it is they who are deserved of your attention.



Been there worn the t shirts most of my 61 years, eldest of 7 siblings, only me the constantly sickly one- I blame 60 fags a day smoking parents for most of it!! Father passed away at 69 mother on her way now, youngest siblings now looking for support to help look after her, I am not going to bear grudges its not THEIR fault its mothers but my youngest sibling has Ankylosing Spondilitis ?? heart valve problem and recently had seizures, the other 5 don't want to know- I.m not surprised, she never helped any of us thru any kind of difficulty, she was a "you made your bed lie in it" person-- God works in mysterious ways we are told!!


I love your positive attitude! Thanks for sharing it x

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You are quite likely happier than your siblings, their negativity does not come from being happy, well done for your positive outlook xxx

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well said only the important ones really matter the rest can go swing


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Well said my friend and you have your own family to love you, and to love and I do not truly believe that we can ask for more than this in our lives? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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