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Badly Treated Yesterday by Health team

Well I don't want to knock on about this but yesterday I did not have a nice time of it with the lady from the Crisis team I have been under for about 4 and a half months or so ( trying to cut the story short but this is how the Crisis team become involved with me) About Christmas Day time I was feeling pretty yuk thought it was just another type of Flu hitting me ( I have flu jabs every year BTW) Anyway a month later still felt very low in myself kept getting main symptoms of a chest infection ( I was told a few years ago I will suffer these regularly due to my being Diabetic) maybe 2 weeks later tried to see my Gp but he was not available that day so saw one of the old partners at the surgery instead I told him I feel so low still after weeks and weeks and I have a really bad flare up of a lower back pain, and that my upper back shoulders were seemingly flaring up in sympathy ???? Please help doc! Well I have only one appointment booked in with him so he states which thing do you want me to look into as I don't have all day? Well I said Please look at my lower back

does it hurt there as I let out a yelp in agony I can,t see anything wrong with you just keep taking your pain killers as instructed on the prescription packet ( Me thinking Cheers Doc you are a Marvel) Anyway less than a week has gone by and apparently my wife had booked me an appointment to see my GP she even led me up there took me into the GP consulting room room and got me seated and said You have to do something with him he is just like a Zombie Doctor says yes I see he is not responding at all well to outside influences or stimuli I will get the local Mental health team to look in him. A few\ days later they referred to the County Crisis team who with help from my GP have got me back into the real world again ) In fact my GP and I have worked out That I had a flre up of the Ankyloosing Spondelitis that triggered my Fibromyalgia causing my fibro/ Diabetic Depression into freefall !!! hence my very severe mental status ...

Now the bit I am upset about, ((the more I think about it ))

I should have been Discharged from the Crisis Team and put with the Local Psychotherapy unit on the 11\ July

And given a Community care Nurse so a change over was organised for 10 O clock in the Forenoon to meet at the local Office Units they have in the Town I was taken there by one of the Crisis team and on arrival was told the Nurse we are down to have the Meeting and hand over the appropriate papers notes and so on was in fact on the sick list so they sent us away I got taken home with apologies from the Lady at Crisis and saying I will sort another meeting for you but I will this time insist they come and have the change over at your house so as its less bother for you that was what 19-20 days ago ?? Heard nothing what-so-ever from anyone until the phone rang yesterday a voice saying I am so and so from the Crisis I am coming to see you at 3 pm then another call,same person I am now coming at 2pm anyway she turned up at 2.37pm You have not met me before she said :-) I answered truthfully stating- I had met maybe 30 different people over my time under the Crisis team Its a policy of theirs not to keep sending the same person Which to be honest is a real bugbear having to repeat the same thing over and over and over again to a new person turning up sometime 2 in one day !! ((Any way I am getting to bit that this whole weary tale is based on now ! ))

The Lady said I am giving you notice that we are discharging you today and that we will be getting in touch with the Community team to take over and they will no doubt get in touch with you at some point

How are you feeling today???

I kept her for maybe an hour or more telling her all my woes but it I am afraid fell on very deaf ears she had just one objective when she showed up at my door yesterday. I thought she was a very nice person but must have been under orders to leave me under no illusion that unless the Community team re-refer me to them then this is goodbye

I strongly feel that they they let me down how they have "half " handed me over to the others

I welcome your Comments but I need to have sit down and rest for a little while this typing has exhausted me and fried my brain out

Hugs all around



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Aww love I'm so sorry you was treated like that some people just don't care and understand it happened to my best friend and made her more ill take care xx


Martyn my heart bleeds for you. My husband has had mental health problems and all you want is support at a difficult time not being handed around like a parcel no wonder you feel let down. My husband was badly treated and in the end blew up about it and suddenly things were done and for a time he had good support but now it has gone back to three monthly visits to see the psychiatrist. He was seeing a different person every time and you don;t get the chance to build up a trust and rapport with people and spend half of the appt. explaining your problem instead of discussing the current issues and state of play. I know they all have funding issues but I think they are very short sighted as without support someone who has mental health issues can go into crisis and then they have to spend even more money trying to get that person well again whereas if the correct support was given all that could be avoided. You have the double wammy of several physical complaints as well so it must be very hard. Make sure that you ring the Community Team up if you don;t hear from them very soon as sometimes only persistance gets you anywhere. Kind thoughts going your wayx


Hi Martyn

I am so sorry to read that you feel so let down by them, and I genuinely hope that the community team support you with whatever help and care that you need. I think there are several issues on the boil here, and they relate to jurisdiction of a patient, which should have been explained fully in the beginning.

I also think that budgetary quotas come into effect (i.e. the budget covers a predetermined allocation of man hours and / or clinical diagnosis per patient). We can see this in psychotherapy treatments such as CBT as treatment is usually for a finite number of sessions between 6 and 10 and not ongoing to the needs of the patient.

Also, I think there is an element of who is paying the next portion of your care? As the boundaries are very vague between payments from Social Services and the NHS? From what you have written, I am sorry to say that I think you may have to go through everything again with somebody new? I certainly hope not but you may have to?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

I have pasted you a link below for MIND, I do not know if you have ever had any contact with them? However, they can act on your behalf, should you need them to, and they can offer help and advice if you need it?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Such a shame that some doctors don't have a clue. I'm blessed with a very compassionate doctor and thank God for her. Hope you find one too sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

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