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Went to see Rheumy yesterday

Had appt with Rheumy yesterday, what a complete and utter waste of time

He had just made me feel like i am wasting his time. Gave him a overall view of how i was, i had even written everything down that i knew i would forget.

It was a complete and total waste if time, He said my nerve endings were hypersensitive and were sensitive to pain some people have not pain some people have mild pain and someone like myself has severe pain.

Asked me what i was taking, told him, told him about my sleep patterns.

all he said was i need to sort my sleep problems out, never offered to try any other meds, Just more or less said right thats it, discharged, go home cope with it, let gp deal with it. I felt that i had just wasted my time, felt like he was telling to piss off, get on with deal with it, don;t bother me anymore. He got up and went into another, said goodbye and left me to get my coat on grab my stuff, I left there feeling utterly deflated and felt that i had wasted my time and his, I was so upset at his attitude i even forgot to give the receptionist the form that he gave me. I went for the bus and could have burst into tears in fact i was close to crying, but managed to control myself as i was on the bus. I am fuming, upset and feel like i have just been left to suffer on. What is the point of carrying on like this, in pain every day and night, not being able to concentrate, My life feels like it is just a waste of time and no one wants to help me cope with it

I have spoken to my surgery and they are going to see about me getting a new specialist. Have asked for a complaints form from the hospital as well.

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oh im so sorry to hear that ,its so horrible when drs treat you like that ,but atleast your surgery are listening by the sounds of it ,

its good you are going to complain ,its just not fare when docs treat people like that ,

gentle hugs to you xx


Hi linda,

It makes me mad when i hear stories like yours with a bad doctor, I have never seen a rheumatologist but i know from my friend that the one she had seen was a waste of time.

Hope you get that complaint in and your doctor sorts you a new specialist soon.

big hugs, kel xxx


when I spoke to my doc about seeing a rheumy he said they mostly interested in arthritus and not usually a lot of good for fibro


the rheumy was the one who diagnosed it he, he seemed to know enough about it, i have been seeing since 2005 and have never liked him he has no bedside manner even his nurses say patients don;t like him. Hes a weasel


My doctors haven't referred me to a Rheumy and reading this I'm glad that they haven't. I'm in Medway and have been referred to an exercise plan which means doing for instance T'ai Chi for 12 sessions at a nominal fee, next I'm down for Aquarobics. I was recommended would you believe by a doctor's receptionist who has fibro to a session at our local hospital for the gym. Youcan go as long as you like, and it's free, and run by physio's, so you don't overdo. Not only that you can meet like minded people, we have a happy little group there who look out for each other. See if your Hospital Trust has this set-up. You have to look for it, it's not always made so evident. Keep your chin up. Soft hugs Linda. x


Hi i was sent to rheumy last July i saw a lovely dpctor i was full of anticipationas to what would happen andi was in their 15 mins !! if that few questions/ poked and prodded said yes you have fibromyalgia handed me a pamphlet on fibro, and a letter to hand to the eceptionist which basically said this lady has fibro and thats all there is too it no need for a repeat appointment so ther you go written off like a car lol so yes he confirmed fibro but that was that , love to you diddle x


its a shame there arent more doctors etc that actually suffer in what they are specializing in!! i think they would have a bit more compassion then!!!


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