Had my ESA yesterday

hi all hope your well. I had my ESA medical assessment yesterday got there by taxi and on my walking sticks , my daughter came with me, well.

I had to show my ID when I got there and fill out a form , few mins later got called over by the reception and they said I wasn't on there system to see a nurse , I am to see a doctor instead , they said I can go home and wait about 3 weeks for another appointment or I would have to wait for 3-4 hours , frantic .I said I would wait as it took me all this effect and nerves to get where I was now, so we waited , my appointment was for 2oclock , and we got in to see a doctor at 4=30, he was a Great Doctor couldn't of wished for better, he asked me all the usual questions , and he said in my opinion you are not fit for work and it would be dangerous for me to work for myself and anyone around me as I have very bad spasms in my hip and back ,and the medication I am on, so fingers crossed it looks good for me , he said wait for a letter which should be about 2 weeks.

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  • I am sorry you must contend with a medical condition and medication side-effects.

    Yet, congratulations on obtaining some of the support which will benefit you!

    It's not always easy to admit to needing assistance of any kind. however, when we truly need help, it's best to ask, just as you have!

    Aren't you glad you'd waited for the appointment? Seems like you were very blessed to meet with such an kind and understanding physician!



  • yes very glad I waited ,couldn't do with waiting another 3 weeks or more and building myself up again ,waited so long for the appointment , so hope it will be good news.

  • Great! : )

    Please keep us posted!

  • yes I will .

  • I appreciate your screen name, by the way!

    Drama can be so draining.

  • Haha yeah I know my daughter always says it .

  • That sounds good glad you waited ;-) yes i had PIP assessment recently and they were very understanding and kind, it makes such a difference. Hope you get the result you clearly deserve x

  • thank you, you too.

  • Well done I think you made a veery courageous decision by waiting and not giving up at that point it sounds as though it has all gone in your favour so fingers crossed for you. Let us know how you get on.x

  • thanks I will hopefully waits not to long , guessing around two weeks.

  • Hi 😊,

    So good to hear positive things and assessments with understanding and fair decision making.

    Can I just ask if the assessments are still being done by ATOS or the new company that have taken over the contract. Purely curious.

    Wish you well with decisions xx

  • hi yes still ATOS .

  • That sounds great! Fingers crossed and all the best of luck to you.

    Good luck


  • thanks ken.

  • I think ATOS contract ends sometime in February.

    Hope you get the award you deserve xx

  • Yeah I think it does ,is it an American Firm taking over.

  • Yes, believe it is. I wonder if they will be good after the amount of issues up to now.


  • Lucky you I've had my ESA app cancelled then I had a letter asking why I never turned up I was really mad so I rang them the atos ppl didn't pass it on to the main ppl that the person was off sick & had cancelled on me I got to wait now to see if my benifit is stopped ,great not even my fault ... I still work an hour every day I've got the same worry again now waiting to hear when I have to go again glad for you hope you will get it xxxx

  • that's terrible ,glad I waited or I would have to wait the same, its a disgrace. best wishes.

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