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Occupational Health vs Doctor - No you don't vs Yes you do!

My Occupational Health Advisor told me 'I don't think you have FM. FM is muscle weakness. So I advise you to get a proper diagnosis from your Rheumatologist' - my doctor was not impressed! He had diagnosed me and she ignored his opinion saying the paperwork doesn't back it up!

So I have just been to see my Rheumatologist having had a few weeks of worry - I got a cancellation slot - and guess what! I do have FM! What a surprise! He just wants to check me to see whether I am low in Vitamin D and do a skeleten scan to see the level of osteoarthritis I have. So thats fine, I would like to know too.

When everything is done he will then write to my doctor to confirm his diagnosis along with anything else he finds and I want to get a copy to the lady who said I didn't have it, along with a print out of a description of FM to put her straight so that anyone else under her supervision doesn't have to go through the embarrassment of telling the doctor she doesn't believe him and the concern I had about what would happen if he said no, to all the times set down as FM flares I have had off work, then being re-evaluated and my losing my job! Its not like someone will re-employ me with my medical history anyway.

Sorry, long paragraph as ranting a bit.

She worried me, ok maybe there is good reason to get a formal diagnosis to back up any claims but it could have been handled better.

Apart from all of that I am elated at having someone else confirm my diagnosis. Not that I want FM its just better knowing what is wrong rather than thinking its in your head. I even said that to my Rheumatologist and he agreed it is not in my head!

The down side is I reduced my meds so I would be able to feel when he was looking for pressure points and today I am paying for it! Oh well, it was worth it.

Off to bed soon, so hope its a good night. Wishing you all a good sleep too. Enjoy the weekend as much as you can.

Soft hugs

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Sarah_ Jane,

My heart goes out to you the anxiety and stress you must have endured by this ignorant Occ Health Advisor, what gives her the right to be able to say what she said????

Grrrrr it makes me so annoyed the way some HEALTH pROFFESSIONALS ,

are so dismissal of people with Chronic conditions......... well lets hope they don't have it knocking at their doors!!!!

Gentle Hugs

Sue x x x x


Thank you Sue. It was rather heartless and I did complain. She rang me and apologised for how it had gone, but her manner prevented me from having a proper discussion, which I explained at work so they're okay with it.

Soft hugs


hi isnt it funny how we are pleased when we get the news we have fibro but it is only because we have been suffering for so long that finally we realise it is not all in our heads we are not going mad !!! ove to you diddle x


I was asked by my neurologist what i knew about fibro (this was seconds after he confirmed that i had it). I said nothing and he said dont spend too much time researching it not only will it make you more worried but it is one of those new 'labels' like yuppie flu and may not be around too long. I wish i had known more then

To this day i have never seen a booklet about it and apart from the horrible experience of having it everything i have learned has been on the internet.

one question though should you reduce your meds before going to appointments. I have wondered about doing it to prove how bad i am but then wonder if this means i am trying to be worse than i am. (ie hypochondriac)

I try my best to grin and bear my condition but obviously some days there are no grins. I tell my kids i am in pain and mmy get up and go has got up and gone and they just accept it.

Withput all my meds i couldnt get up and out to appts and i have one a 9am next week. So would i just not take morning meds or leave some out from day before. afterall gabapentin takes ages before it starts working as does amytriptiline.


I think I understand what you are saying. I was relieved to find out what I had last October and did a little research. Finding an on line chat group, based in America, was a big help. I could ask questions, moan about my pains and problems and stop bothering and boring people who really didn't want to know. I also needed to know so I could answer questions.

The more I have found out the better I have felt as any aches or pains could be explained away. I have bothered my doctor less too. I have been reassured so many times and sometimes been given ideas that have helped.

Regarding my appointment, I chatted on line with a friend in America who had been to an appointment and given a false response because she had taken all of her medication. I was meant to take Lyrica in the morning, but kept to my breakthrough meds throughout the day [co-dydramol] allowing for them to wear off in time for my 6pm appointment. Some of the pressure on the pressure points only gave a vague result so I would have missed them had I been on my full meds. I returned to my correct dosage at 7pm which is my usual time.

I think if the doctor knows you are on your painkillers they should make allowances, but it appears they do not. My own would up to a point I think. I don't do this for him as he needs to know whether the medication I am on is working or not, so to have left them out would be a lie.

Therefore, if being tested for the pressure points to indicate whether you have FM or not, I think it is only reasonable not to mask them. If seeking support for breakthrough or a new pain, I would keep taking the medication you have been prescribed. Well thats my opinion.

I am not intending to deceive anyone or gain sympathy where it is not worrented.

I have just read through all of this and it reads rather sharply. I am sorry about that but I cannot see another way to express myself and hope I have not upset you or anyone else.

Soft hugs and thank you for your reply. :)


I hasten to add I found this site soon after the American one and it frightened the life out of me! So many people in such distress, I could not cope. Now I hope to give support to any feeling that way as I am feeling more certain of myself.

It really helps to have a diagnosis as it confirms you are not going mad! :)


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