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Another health problem diagnoses


For a while I've had a problem with my hips and was referred to the orthopedic people at the hospital. Over the last few months I've had xrays and an MIR scan from my neck to the bottom of my spine. I've had injections in both hips to help with the pain but yesterday I was told the diagnoses and have to see if I can manage without the pain relieve injections. The diagnoses was trochanteric bursitis. I can't remember anything else he said so it was good I'd asked him to write the name down.

So I can see life is going to be one merry go round with having fibro, trochanteric bursitis and asthma thats not under control.

If anyone has herd of this or suffers from it please let me know anything about it.

Hope your all not in to much pain or exhausted


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It's the inflammation of the tendon round your hip joint usually found in older people or people who have done a lot of jogging....or running... I always knew jogging was bad for you ... We live right by a local jogging route and none of the jobbers ever look happy...

There are exercises you can have from physio, to help or as a last resort injections

Just what you don't need on top of fibro and asthma

VG x

Yvonne64 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. I've never been jogging in my life I think its a waste of time. I've had injections, they hurt like mad and my legs looked like I'd been in a fight or had a nasty fall. my GP said it could clear up over 12 months completely or leave a niggle and come back in full force at anytime. As its been there for 12 months with thinking it was down to fibro and was picked up by doctor after i'd been having falls. So it was September before I saw the doctor at the hospital..

Hi Yvonne,

Here's another site which may be helpful. Looks as though it get s better on its own, given time and rest - I do hope this is true for you.

I have looked at the symptoms and I seem to have it too - I had just put my pain down to arthritis and fibro, and have never mentioned it to my doctor, but now I will take a bit more rest if I can, and see if it goes away. I used to be a keen jogger and marathon runner, by the way! :)

We'll compare notes in a few weeks time!

Moffy x

my mum suffers from it and has done since her mid 40's she in her 60's now its nasty and painful. I have chatted with her so i could give you any advice and she says if you can swim it helps and the good news is it does get better to an extent and the pain is not so sharp in time x

Hi Yvonne,

Due to severe pain and blah, blah I too was diagnosed as having Trochanteric Bursitis, however about 6 or 7 months later I was sent up to Hurstpier hospital (?) Can't remember name, but where the big spinal unit is (I have degenerative disc desease) and turned out in the end that it was not bursitis but poss root nerve damage from my lower spine and being "hijacked" by the fibro causing the pain to be more intense. Was basically told the usual ... add it to your current pain man agent regime (nothing really helps manage any of the pain).

So, just a thought to pop in your pipe to smoke on for a bit. It was a specialist consultant who diagnosed me with the bursitis in both hips and giving me injections that didn't work, so perhaps you should also seek a second opinion unless it is absolutely definitive in the x-rays.Good luck

Mel x

I have it also it's very painful I take anti inflamatories. It comes and goes I find if I do any walking it comes on stop walking and it goes away. Has anyone been able to get rid of it for good?

I have been diagnosed with this in the past and I tend to have flare ups of it. I find it tends to be quite bad after some exertion and also at nite as I can only sleep on my sides so the nite is spent flipping all nite!

I' had some injections which sometimes help but am wary of having too many but otherwise use heat on the areas and rest. It can settle down and doing gentle physio in warm water can help - perhaps hydrotherapy or see if there is a warm water swimming pool near by and a physio could advise you, I found this very useful.

Hope it settles down soon! As if we don't have enough to deal with!

Take care x

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