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Has anyone tried acupuncture?


On a visit to my Dr a couple months ago I asked him about acupuncture,he said it was available on the NHS and he got back in touch with the pain management team for me,I had a phone call yesterday asking whether i was able to come for treatment at my local hospital on Monday to start a 6 week course.

I'm keen to give it a try and wondered has anyone tried it and if so how you got on,I do understand what works for one person dosnt always work for another but I'm interested in your exsperience of it.


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Hi I had the traditional acupuncture 4 years ago by an NHS physio.. The needles were put in and then I was left for twenty minutes while he went off and left me... Fortunately I didn't fall off the chair and impale myself further on the needles.... Did it work for me ... Unfortunately no... But my neck and shoulders are a law unto themselves ... Keep an open mind.... I will try anything once and more if it helps...and I like it ;)

Fingers crossed it helps you

VG x

Results vary from person to person, but it does no harm, doesn't hurt, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try

i agree with VG and Maladjusted it did nothing for me BUT i have heard others have said it worked for them so go for it you have nothing loose xx


I have acupuncture and have had it of and on for the last 10 years. Does it work I agree with Maladjusted it vary's from person to person give it a try. I have to pay for mine xx


it didn't work for me but I have heard others say they found it reduced their pain. Always worth a try because you never know, you may be one of the lucky ones.



I have medical acupuncture at the osteopath and it works for me

I have had it a few times and I feel it helps a little bit for a short time- a week or so, but I would try anything once.

Good luck!


Hi I unfortunately had to pay for my acupuncture and had to go for a lot af sessions before it helped So give it a try but my pain has come back though not as intense as it was then As you know our pain moves around Wish I was a millionaire Good Luck x


I underwent a 12 week course of acupuncture at my pain clinic. My experience of it i feel is personal to me and if you decide to try it then your experience will be personal to you so keep an open mind. The first 6 weeks i began to notice an increase in energy levels and i had a peaceful sleep at night, however after 8-10 weeks the treatment began to feel very painful for me and i didn't feel any benefit at all . my treatments were cancelled before the 12 week period. I am now waiting to go see about hypnotherapy , my appointment 15th May . I wish you luck with acupuncture

hope it helps you

Kira x

I have had acupuncture a number of times , a few odd occasions and two courses both with and without electrical stimulation. For me, they see to work for a little while say a couple of hors then all returns to " normal". I think it may work for some and not others. I found the same with reiki and massage.

Hi Hun, i have had acupuncture from pain clinic and i must say i have had positive results with my sleep pattern is very good now and pain and stress levels are down.I went from pain level above 10 to about 4 now.i can walk without lower back pain so making the most of it.i get a top up every month from a pain clinic. i hope all get the same results as me fingers crossed. gentle hugs xxx.

Thank you all for your replies,interesting to hear how it works for some and not for others,I shall let you all know how I get on tomorrow..pinkblossom..xxx

it's certainly worth a try. it works for some people. I had a course, it only worked in my neck, but didnt help anywhere else. mine was via the pain clinic too. they also trained up my OH to put the needles in my neck and shoulder. they worked for a while but we stopped when I had to go into hospital and then the pains came back. we tried again but without success the second time around, but often you dont feel any benefit until you have had a few sessions.

good luck, hope it works for you xx

My GP gives me acupuncture every 2 weeks. I didn't think it was working until he went away for 2 weeks. My pain gradually increased, and my sleep pattern worsened. By the time my appointment came round again, I needed help to get into the doctor's. So, it works for me lol.

Hope it works for you, too xx

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