As anyone had trouble with there teeth since being ill with fibro ? up to 5 yrs ago I had a lovely set teeth they started to trouble me with

gum problems then started to be loose , I have been told my arthritis is osteoarthritis and I am lacking in vit d , they want to give me calcium injections im sure this is why my teeth are now falling out . Anyway I have finally plucked up courage to see a dentist next week all I want is for them to take lot out cant cope anymore with pain and way they look , just wondered if anyone else had same probs .......loves and hugs to all

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  • Hi I have had trouble with my teeth due to arthritis and fibro, i'm on morphine, pregabalin, codiene etc and have had teeth just crumble and lost lots ( I've 16 left). The others are all fillled with some of them more filling than tooth! Hate smiling now, not that there's a lot to smile about anwway lol. Hope you get them sorted, best thing to do is see the dentist, mine is great and has helped me a lot. x

  • Hello jane . I also have tooth problem with teeth rotting and falling out. I only have about 14 left and most off them are loose.

    I am sure that I once read that fibro causes tooth problems but can t remember where.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Hi, I have nerve pain,it moves around to different parts of my gums, been to dentist twice, had X-Rays but nothing shows up,not nice having toothache non stop.

    love Pauline.

  • Hi Jane - sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with your teeth. Yes I have been the same. Had two large wisdom teeth out but even though they came out fine it took about a year for the one gum to settle down and the other one has been on and off for the last two years. but X rays have shown nothing has been left in the gum and the dental specialists says that it is something that sometimes happens and indicated because I suffered with fibro this could be the cause. Other teeth have also played up but when X rayed again the dentist could see no cause. I had to laugh when they said if it persisted to go to my doctor for painkillers I take the contents of a well stocked chemist shop already. I do think all the drugs we are on don;t help and often because of the pain and the fatigue the fibro causes we aren't always able to eat the healthiest of diets. I am glad that you have plucked up the courage to go to the dentist as you might find there are other things that can be done. Often teeth are made fragile and worn down because we grind our teeth at night and often a tooth guard can help with this. Good luck anyway, hope they can help you. Warm hugsx

  • Hi Jane 59, i have had pretty much same problems, lost lots of teeth in lsst 5 years, those that are left are loose, one more due to be taken out soon. Have had gum problems, partial denture which is going to hsve more teeth put on, and getting clench inhibitor made to relax jaw at night as get locked jaws and migraines constantly. Have just changed dentist as old one wasn't very helpful, new one is going to flush out my gums and try to halt gum disease and see if he can lessen migraines, heres hoping.

  • Hi, thanks for posting this. Really sorry to hear about all the teeth troubles going on. Last year I was spending £100 a month on my teeth just to get them all into shape. A touch of gingivitis has now spread so I have more inflamed gums and some retreating. My teeth are awful, more filling than tooth in most cases. And the fillings soon have gaps between them and the tooth that's left!

    Do go to your dentist, but in addition to that have a look at your diet. I was given this advice: I was drinking a lot of diet cola and tea. Both have stained my teeth. I have stopped the cola since a bout of reflux, but I was also told to cut back on the fruit snacks - I have been having some during tea breaks. Also to cut back on squash or juice except with meals. I now have an electric toothbrush and those funny little between the teeth brushes.

    Unfortunately I think FM does have an effect, or at least some of the meds do. But what else can we do?

  • hi and thanks to all you lovely people on your comments , errrr as a couple mentioned we GRIND my hubby is about going crazy by me grinding even when kids were still at home they said they could hear my grinding at night while they were across the landing with doors shut in there bedrooms , im not sure if a dentist will take all mine out but I now put hand to mouth when talk never laugh not that we got much to laugh about have we will keep you all updated go next thursday at 1.30 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Hi jane59

    I am genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I want to wish you all the best of luck with the dentist and please keep us all up to date with how you are getting on.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Until I read this I hadn't wondered if my own dental problems were connected to Fibro - but I have the same pattern as described by so many others .... partial denture, losing teeth, etc etc. One particular thing which happened to me was that I developed an abcess on one side, but felt no more than a little bit of soreness which didn't seem to require any action. It was only at my next checkup that the abces was identified - dentist said "but you must have been in agony?". No, I take tramadol, and that the medication had masked the symptoms so that the abcess had spread through the roots of my back molars, and I lost 4 teeth to it - the roots were just destroyed by the infection. That's where the denture has to be now! AND I was quite poorly for a while with all the gunk that had leaked into my system ....

    So I'd like to warn everyone - that if you have a persistent twinge REPORT IT to your dentist!

  • Sorry to hear everyone is having problems with their teeth... my sympathies. At the same time though , reading all of this is quite reassuring as my teeth/gums have been playing up over the past two years. It could be my age of course but I do grind and also clench my jaw during the day which produces a lot of discomfort and mammoth headaches. My gums have started receding too and recently, where I have had fillings, it takes a very long time for things to calm down around the gums. It did occur to me that my dentist now uses a different method for injecting the gum before filling the tooth and I wondered if it could be that.

  • UPDATE .................... this morning I ended up having to call an nhs emergency access dentist who had to remove a front tooth , just couldn't wait till Thursday when I go see the dentist , this tooth was almost out and got infected anyway its gone now on very strong antibiotics till Thursday its fine im pain free and even been out for a sunday roast was sooooooooooooooo hungry , will update on Thursday thanks for all replies hugs all round

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