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I have a difficult desision to make. 3yrs ago I only had mild symptoms of fibro, IBS iritable bowel ect,and mild muscle and joint pains,

these pains were usually when I had been exposed to a virus.Then 2yrs ago they started getting worse and I went back to my dr who arranged more blood tests and gave me the flu jab ,I have had one for yrs since I was hopitalised for 3mths with a mistery virus. Since being diagnosed I now think that I actually had a really bad flair brought on by the virus, most of the symptoms I had at the time I now get on really bad days.anyway it left me with compramised liver function, hence the flu jab. 24hrs after the jab I was in agony with electric shock like pains,they would ease of if I kept still but then build up in my muscles untill I had to move then the shocks would start again. I had had them before when I had that virus. and they had stopped by the next day and gone altogether within a couple of months,So when I had them after the jab I thought that they would soon be gone. Instead I was left with pain so bad that I could not get out of bed without help or even lift my arms high enough to scratch my cheek.Gradually,over the last 2yrs the pain has settled down to a barable level, But I swore I would never have another jab. Now my doc has dropped a bomb shell in that if I do get flu I will almost certainly end up in hospital,possibly icu with liver problems. So do I have the jab and pray that It was not that, that made me so ill and take the chance that it doesn`t leave me in severe pain for another 2yrs and maybe end up worse than I am now or do I hope that my immune system continues to protect me.I havn`t even had a cold for 6yrs plus the fact that I am at low risk both my hubby and son have both had their jabs and I seldom go out to catch it from some where I know that I have to make the descision on my own but would appreciate your thoughts on this....sue

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Hi sue - eeeek what an awful decision for you to make / it must be so difficult for you :-(

I'm sorry I can't help you but I just wanted you to know that someone is thinking of you and hoping you make the right choice / regards / Tina


Hi Sue, I think if I was you I would get a second opinion xx


Hi Sue I have lupus, copd and fibro. So the flu vax was necessary for me to have. Since I got the vax the second week in sep I've been unwell. Don't know if it's lupus or fibro because the symptoms overlap so much. I saw my rheumy last week for my 6mth check and he's put me on a short course of oral steroids to try settle it down. The reason I'm telling you all this is because I believe it was the flu vax that started the flair. Having said all that I will still get the vax next year because with copd I can't risk getting the flu it could kill me.


Only bad reaction I had this year was a really swollen sore arm. I wouldnt be here today if I didnt have the jab thanks to an auto immune disease. Terrible for you. You have to do whats right ffor you we are all different x


I have RA Sue, I take simponi..I have no immune system..Yet, I do not get sick.

Every single medical professional that saw me told me to get the flu shot..I

have been doing fact, the doctor (and I have 4 of them) said that unless

I live in a bubble, I will probably get the flu) No immune system means I would

get everything...Sue, I took the jab..Nothing happened so far to me. It's been

several weeks..In your shoes, it will take the opinion of another doctor to ease

your mind. I agree with the others who said for your sanity then get a second

opinion and a third if that's what it takes.. Good luck in your decision..=)xxx


I think you have to weigh up the odds. Chances of getting flu seem low,so If you do you might,only might end up in hospital. Flu jab,bad reaction,seems worse to me. Doctors always follow the know path and think they know best but it is your body,your decision.xx


Hi Sue,

I've had the flu jab for the last seven years, and with six of them the only reaction I've had was a slight redness & a little swelling. The one I had last week I had absolutely no reaction to it at all. I mentioned this to my Doc. and she told me that they use a different vaccine each year depending on what virus was causing people to have flu in other parts of the world with opposite seasons to us here in the UK. So it is a dillema for you to have to decide which choice to make. Bear in mind that even although your hubby and son have had the jab, they could still bring the virus into the house & infect you.

as others have suggested, it might be an idea to get a second opinion. My thoughts are with you, and good-luck.

Let us know how you get on. xx


thank you all for your help and advice. I have to make my mind up soon but something else that has ocured to me is that no matter what I descide I am going to have this descision every year, because if I have no reaction this year a change in my health or the different virus that its made for may start it all over again. Oh well I think i will end up tossing a coin Thanks again for just being there. sue xxxx


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