hi there newbie to this site i was diagnosed with fibro 6 years ago i also have severe burning sensations on skin on arms legs and face for

which i take pregablin 300mg daily is there anyone out there with same thing? im told it is neuropathic pain but why and where is it coming from? also having bad flare up fatigue muscle pain can hardly walk have had this for 5 months now. awaiting appontment with pain clinic this will be my 3rd hoping they can come up with something to help i wont hold my breath hey ho there you go

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  • Hi and welcome to the site there are always plenty of people around to talk to and listen

    I do get the these burning sensations in the same places .. Mine suddenly come on and can last for minutes or days. Last week I was sitting down suddenly the whole top of my left leg felt like it was on fire , no redness no swelling just so painful to touch I had to change clothes in the end . Two days later I woke up. Absolutely fine... There is loads of info at


    Hope you enjoy being here

    VG x

  • hi vg thanks for reply i will check out info just on my way to see podiatrist had orthotics made for my achillis problems. Take care gena34

  • hi im not saying you have this but my rhumy diagnosed me with Peripheral neuropathy this may help BUT you need a consultant etc to make the call xx


    Peripheral nerves carry information to and from the brain. They also carry signals to and from the spinal cord to the rest of the body. Peripheral neuropathy means these nerves don't work properly. Peripheral neuropathy may be ...

    Causes - Symptoms - Tests - Treatment - Prognosis - Prevention

  • Hi

    I was given a site to check out on one of my questions on pain concern and I was given this site to check out - arachnoiditis.co.uk/ - it was so mind blowing that I am still checking it out but when I see my GP I will bring this up.

    Take care and kindest regards


  • I get burning knees they go red and you can feel the heat holding hand over them...my skin hurts to touch but that's something I'm just used to now like most things I don't know how I'd cope if I woke feeling great..I'd thing something was wrong.lol

  • I get burning knees they go red and you can feel the heat holding hand over them...my skin hurts to touch but that's something I'm just used to now like most things I don't know how I'd cope if I woke feeling great..I'd thing something was wrong.lol

  • My feet legs hands arms and face burns like this. I thought it was just the fibro... gonna get 2nd opinion now :/

  • hi gena,

    its nice to meet some one who is just like me!!! i suffer really quite badly i can say and am on the same meds but on 500mg and it goes to 600mg and i can not go any higher at all.

    i have cervical spinal root cord compression on my nerves and cannot have any surgery at all as 90% paralys or death i was told straight down the line as i have another condition i was born with too that makes all my ligaments and muscles weak and a connective tissue disorder which actually all could of been prevented had it been known many years before! :-(

    so i am here to have any chat with you on here on pm me and i will gladly chat and compare notes with you as its so not nice at all i feel like i have a real fever and ill every day and nites are bad too .

    The legs they seem to go through phases of not working at all or hardly working and then ease off and then am left with the after effects.

    just management and waiting pain clinice again!! so big huggles to you and very welcome to talk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx caroline xxxxxxxxxx

  • hi there hows it going, real bad day today muscle spasms fatigue and brain not working so not much sleep for me tonight again! docs again tomorrow with severe pain in one eye dont know where thats come from. apart from that im fine(not) my daughter is coming down from scoland to stay with me soon so thats something to look forward to well im going to make cup of tea again. ive taken 80mg of amitryptiline supposed to help me sleep not working anymore. well you take care lol gena xx

  • hi i also get burning sensations its caused by the nerve endings i have tried several drugs but the dont work i take amitryptilline to for the bladder but it doesnt help me sleep but for the pain i have gabamybentine ,i dont thik iv;e spelt it right ,any way i take 600mg 3 time a day and its blocks the signals from the brain that tell you your in pain i find them much better than pain killers as i suffer from severe attacks of facial pain eye pain and back pain anyway i hope you get some sleep all the best sheila

  • Hi, I also get the burning which is increasing. Started in my upper arm - now all four limbs and worse at night when I try to sleep. Wee small hours now. Sounds like another trip to gp. Have cervical problems too.

  • hi there sorry could"nt reply had problems getting online just to say i do sympathise with you as i do find this particular symptom very distressing and i too get it worse when i am lying in bed so therefore do not sleep which in turn impacts on other symptoms all i can say is hang on in there you are not alone take care gene34

  • Hi Gena...sorry to hear that but if I am honest there is comfort in knopwing I'm not alone in this. Good luck. Oh...I'm thinking earlier to bed might help as once end of day exhaustions sets symptoms seem worse...maybe !

  • Burning skin does seem to be part of it: fmnetnews.com/fibro-basics/...

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