Has anyone become Hypertensive since being diagnosed with Fibro? just wondered if there is a connection??

I have been diagnosed in the last couple of years with scoliosis oesteoarthriris of thoracic region, and more recently fibro, there is also some sort of inflammatory arthritis going on and is still under investigation. The blood pressure has been up for a couple of years but I'm now on meds and have to double them as they can't seem to bring it down. All bloods have come back normal except my anti ccp not that I know what that means still waiting to see rheumatologist. Thanks.

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  • I have had "fibro" for 13yrs and am now finding a lot of osteoarthritis in various joints. however I seem to be reacting to all anti inflamatories. And I also feel cold and hot weather difficult to cope with.

  • Snap on all points

  • Hello Nemasi :)

    Yes.. hypersensitivity is very much a part of Fibromyalgia.

  • Yes I have had problems with high blood pressure , it took ages to get it down , if you think about when your body is under stress it affects your blood pressure ,

  • Are you talking about just physical hypersensitivity? I've been reading alot lately about HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and there have been several cases of people with fibro having that as well. it covers physical as well as mental/emotional hypersensitivity.

  • i found i get this really sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and smells now. also get ringing in the ears too. and go through waves of being too hot or freezing especially hands and feet.

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