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anyone want to go to shop for me ? having a rubbish fibro flare and could really do with some chocky ,vast amounts aswell :)

maybe one of my girls will go for me ,the trouble is with that it ends up costing me a fortune cause then all five of them want some lol

well i think its worth it dont you ?

i think an early night (again ) and copious amounts of chocky ,and the kindle are in order ,

do you think 5pm is too early to put my boys to bed ? only joking :)

hopefully the other half will be home soon ,so he can put them to bed and i can

go and have a nice hot bubbly bath ,then bed :-D

warm hugs to everyone xxxxx

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hi lynz, my hubby is the choccy lover, we always have to put it on the shopping list, but my trick is to hide a few just in case i actually fancy some or the usual, he runs out! I know the kiddies have a habit of sniffing out the choc, but maybe you can find a place where they can't reach it and is cool enough so you can enjoy when you have it... nothing worse than soft melting choc..

my trick at getting the kiddies to bed early was to putthe clock forward an hour, they never knew and the extra hour ensured they had a good sleep and i could relax earlier, mind i didnt do it every night just now and again lol!

hugs poppy xx


Its raining other wise I would go for you but it may be

that its a long way from the isle of wight and I may have

to eat the choccy, also I am having to walk doubled over

so it may take even longer

But I might consider it, as it might stop raining, I dont think

so ha ha



Aww lynz, i have been to the shop today, you should of said lol.

I hope your nice bath and early night will help you hun.

hugs and love, kel xxxx


Raining here in Southampton too Lynz or I'd have run you some over LOL . Mind you, by the time I got there there may only have been wrappers left.....

Now you've got me fancying some and I've got none either !




i fancy choc now you have said . wish i had a shop next door x


hahaha just reading all the replies ,and my husband says "have we got any chocky ,? i really fancy some "

well i have ,think i might sneek it upstairs ,do you think he will notice ?

chocky tastes nicer when your being naughty too lol


Ha ha I live opposite a small co-op so can get all the choccy I want unless having a really bad day or out of funds, only me to eat it too xx


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