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Does anyone else suffer from bladder problems related to fibro , at my appeal for ESA they actually said to me I am making it up as I go

Hi, I am new to the site I suffer from fibro as well as osteoarthritis of knees.

I had to give up work after 30years as could no longer continue but have lost appeal for ESA but will be appealing to the upper t, as I couldn't believe the ignorance to this illness by doctors at atos inspite of great supporting evidence from consultant.

Looking forward to speaking with you all

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welcome :-). You will love being here.

I have trouble with frequent urination . Fibro can give you an irritable bladder.

Yes, so many doctors are ignorant and some can be downright rude and dismissive. I got told by my neurologist that it was "anxiety" then a few days later I got the Fibro/HMS diagnosis.

Gentle hugs



Thank you so much for your kind words, I am sure I will enjoy the site it may very we'll keep me sane, as at times due to some doctors attitudes I find I even think I am going mad

Janis xx


Welcome Jannigran, yes IB & IBS can be symptoms of fibro, when u think of it, it makes sense as this condition affects the muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerve endings, so it's ten to one th muscles will get weaker in that area, I have had both for years and was told it was the fibro, thank goodness for Tenna I say, I've had many an embarrassing moment, especially when the grandchildren started arriving, I began to wonder who was the bby them or me LOL..anyways Jannigran welcome to our wonderful caring, sharing, loing, laughter fibro club, look forward to reading your posts...hugs...Dee x


Welcome to our FibroAction Community Forum !

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and gain information from them as we all try to help & support one another

I have experienced Bladder symptoms and if was attributed to a condition called Interstitial Cystitis (IC) also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome. Here is some information which may be of interest to you;

If you feel you can relate to any of the symptoms, I would consider mentioning it to you GP for their expert opinion.

You mention your problems claiming ESA, could I please suggest you email me at as I can send you some information which may help. Please see the link below;

I look forward to your email

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


hi I had bladder problems years ago but my then gp didn't do anythign about it from what I can remember.then it just got worse -I couldn't go out for fear of wettign myself-finally had an operation to solve could be fibro related inmy case I now think its something else -pressure on bladder


Hi Jannigran

Welcome to the site and I sincerely hope that you find it as useful as I do. I have a problem with my bladder but it depends on how my day has gone. If I have been in constant pain all day then my bladder appears to pay the price. I would also be interested in knowing how many of us suffer this way?

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken x


Hi, I also suffer irritable bladder, which is part of Fibro. With me it's a case feeling like I need to wee, even when I've just been!

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Hi Jannigran,

Welcome! You are not alone, in any of it!! I too have bladder problems, urge incontinence and irritable bladder which are linked to Fibro and hypermobility syndrome. Mine is treated with Mirabegron which I take every night, which is supposed to relax the bladder and stop it from suddenly contracting without warning. I've also had a stretch under general anaesthetic which was a big help too.

I hope you manage to sock it to those Atos fools! Good luck, looking forwards to chatting in the future xxx


A big thanks to everyone who replied , sorry about the delay in thanking you all but I've been researching cases to find an error of law to allow me to take my appeal to the upper tier. It is just so frustrating that I have excellent support from my consultant regarding fibro which he documented but an atos doctor who said he wouldn't! Examine me as he could see the pain I was in and then in his report said I refused to be examined should be more reliable than any medical evidence I 've submitted.

We as fibro sufferers know that nothing is ever easy but it is good to have been introduced to this wonderful site, I promise I am not always moaning and hope to share some fun times with you all

Love and good wishes to you allxxx


hi, i know this post was wrote a while ago, but as i am also going through the same thing at the moment im curious as to how you got on.    im also applying to the upper tribunal on an error of law regarding my incontinence.  i would love to know if you won????


I used to pee for Wales, when I was diagnosed with fibro, my rheumatologist immediatly prescribed amitriptyline, which has worked wonders for me, I sleep better, they enhance painkillers, and some nightsmI dont get up at all for the loo, and I can hold my water beter thru the day


lol lab lover I am also on amitriptyline maybe I need to get doc to look at dosage xx


Yes I do suffer bladder problems, but mine is related to some thing else.I have never met any ruthless doctors that do not have no mind of there own, they do understand every details of this silent illness called fibro but Atos are playing with peoples' lives but guess the will pay the price at one point its' some thing I strongly believe on.

All I can say be confident and send in your appeal and do not let any one take your wright from you no matter what.

Good luck to you.


Thank you so much for your good wishes


Hi Janni

Sorry to hear about your awful treatment at the hands of Atos. I have irritable bladder and frequency and my symptoms are consistent with Interstitial Cystitis according to someone I saw at the bladder clinic a couple of years ago. I have always had a 'weak' bladder and anxiety, stress, cold and hormones exacerbate it. x


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