As anyone had to fight to keep there job due to fibro?

I have worked for lidls as a store manager for 11 yrs and if it wasn't for being with a union I would of been out on my ear due to fibro. We have been to court due to the bullying I went though for just being ill.

Lucky my me they couldn't get rid of me and a risk assament was put in place. They are still pushing me to the limits but fall back in the union every time things get to much for me. Now I've been told I've got COPD and to scared to let lidls know so do my best to hide it from them. I know people think I should of walked but why should I when as a company they should be there for there disabled staff with what ever disabilitys they have. As anyone else suffered like this because of being ill?

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  • Please check your mail. So glad I spotted your post!!

  • I ended up leaving and took my employer to Tribunal through DDA, won but now can't work any more.

    Not sure it was worth it

  • Sloth have left message and phone number. Jayne I got close to leaving a few times but knew if I did I wouldn't work again. I stood up to Lidl as they are a nasty evil narrow minded company who had to be showed that people like us were not a problem and that we could do our job with help from the company. I was very scared when it went to court more then once but I'm still here and there's nothing they can do and they have played really dirty tricks but god bless my union because they kept me going and helped keep my job x

  • Christine I do feel like that some times more so when you think they would know better. I'm a hard worker and do all I can but they want blood from us and don't look at people like us with limitations. I won't back done so I always watch my back and never make mistakes. Also sign everything I do so they know and can't use any thing against me, no way to work but it's safer x

  • Sad that there are so many like them. I worked for Government who are pushing disabled back to work on paper but really sacking their own who become disabled. NHS are doing the same. I fought for 3 years until my health could take the fight no more and developed Small Vessel Disease. Their wording "dismissed as unable to do the job hired to do" My words "dismissed for being disabled". Then one year on you get sent to a back to work assessment, ha.

    You do need to tell them of any new diagnosis or they may use that against you at a later date. God bless you and your union in the fight.

    It may be good if you could get a customer to write commending the company for goodness in employing disabled staff. They'll see you as an asset then :)

  • I understand everything your sayiny. They will be told and I'm sure they will do all they can to remove me as they have in the past. Just my luck to end up with this illness on top of the other I just know they will have a field day with me and it will get heavy but I will fight to keep my job. Good idea about getting a customer to write in.

  • You are right and have emailed my union explaining everything to him. Thanks for advice x

  • You are right

  • Hi,

    As someone who works for a Trade Union the first thing I would say is get hold of your rep and tell them about the COPD, you can ask your rep to contact management on your behalf, rather than this being against you it will probably help, you are covered under the DDA and if they did anything else because they were told about the COPD the union will take them to the courts!

  • Union are calling me today as I emailed them explaining about everything. Thanks for the advice Sam

  • I would never let my employer know I have fibro , I know they would get rid of me ... Shame and sad !!

  • So unfair that we are made to feel like this x

  • Isn't it so sad that this case is an example of what lots with fibro experience. Making us feel guilty as if there were not enough things for us to deal with.

    Some really great advice. Wishing you all the best for a satisfactory outcome. Fi

  • also buy cd 'show me where it hurts' from guys hospital support group patsy baker. it is a good way of getting people to understand just how real and serious the problems are

  • Patsy is a close friend of mine. Her groups were so helpful

    I got that DVD which was helpful.

    Thankyou everyone for your replys, they have been very helpful x

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