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My trip to Paris for 40th

My trip to Paris for 40th

Just to let you know it was fabulous, and Ive slept for nearly 2 weeks since getting back!!

First day we saw a couple of sights around Paris, i had my case with me and used this to help me with walking. We went up the eiffel tower, which we wouldnt have done if i didnt have my blue badge, I showed this and we got to the front of the Que and my husband (carer) got in free. We recieved some terribly dirty looks off people obviously wondering why we got through the Ques as its not a visible disability! There was beautiful views and some good photographs taken.

After this I was really tired so we took the half hour train ride to the hotel which was in val d'europe, there is a fantastic shopping centre, the hotel was clean and tidy with good accessability, but no tea & coffee facilities. The place was very quiete at night but i imagine this to be very busy during peak times.

There was a free bus which took us to is not simply explained how to get the carer tickets and fast pass, but eventually we worked it out!! We went to the desk marked with the wheel chair disability sign, I showed my blue badge, I got discount on my ticket, and my husband got in free. we then went to the town hall and recieved a card which had a box ticked with what you consider to be your disability, which enabled us to jump to the front of the Ques. The staff were very friendly and helpful, I was worried and shaking like mad as I had read some terrible reviews about how you get interrogated about whats the matter. But it couldnt of been easier. Using this card enabled us to get around the park, plenty of places to sit down and have a rest. We did the parks over 2 days. I loved it. :)

Best birthday present ever!

On our day of travelling home we went to the stop of arc d'triomphe, had a short walk down champs elysee, then decided to go to the airport thinking we would have ourselves plenty of time to have something to eat, the queues were horrendous, and by the time we got to the right place, i had time to buy a scarf, then it was boarding time!!

On the plane home we went to our seats, obiously cramped....I asked the air hostess, with another flash of the blue badge if there was any better seats, she put us to the back of the plane where there was extra leg room, pretty musch after take off tea and coffee came around, the same air hostess seen that i had some tablets to take, and she offered me water without me having to ask. Fabulous friendly service.

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Hi tovi, congratulations on being 40, and so pleased you had a fab time...well gel....gentle hugs ...Dee xx


Hello I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself, Happy 40th hugs and best wishes sue xxx


Simply wonderful Tovi some very proud fibro busting healing fluffies are on there way to you :)

I am so pleased you had such a good time and managed to do it, all of these things are positive and prove that we can acheive some of the things we'd like.

Your photo is fabulous too

HAPPY 40th too welcome to the club I turned 40 in October :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi tovi

Thank you so much for sharing this with us all, it is wonderful. I am so delighted that you had a great time.

Take care

Ken x


Happy birthday Tovi and so glad you managed to make the most of your trip and enjoy Paris and Disneyland x


happy 40 birthday Tovi pleased you had a good time on your trip to paris thanks for sharing x


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