Can you use a dashboard notice to raise awareness?

Can you use a dashboard notice to raise awareness?

​Do you hold a Disabled Badge? ​

Fibro has many fluctuating symptoms including long term chronic pain & debilitating fatigue, many of us can only manage very short distances before we notice a rapid deterioration in our symptoms. This usually means we take to bed poorly for a few days to recover!

Many people living with Fibro need to use a Disabled Badges to manage to undertake simple daily tasks like shopping, attending Doctors appointments etc If this sounds like you, why not think about applying for a Disabled Badge under the Blue Badge Scheme​ ?

There has been recent discussion here on our Fibroaction HealthUnlocked Community about Disabled Badges & about raising awareness to the General Public. As many have little to no understanding about Fibro & how hard it can be to live with, hence many wonder why do we need to use a Disabled Badge?

Why not, print out our Disabled Badge Holder(DBH) notice to display? So when you're out & about, displaying this notice we thought this might be a great opportunity to raise awareness about Fibro & FibroAction. The notice is bright to grab people's attention and if just one person finds the information & support they need for Fibro because you've displayed it, it's got to be worth it!

If you would like to display this Disabled Badge Holder notice on your dashboard alongside your disabled badge we would appreciate it. If it makes a small difference & just one more person understands Fibro a little more it all helps!

Please print the Disabled Badge Holder notice below & continue to help us raise awareness of Fibro.

Invisible illnesses cannot be seen, therefore we need to encourage understanding by using written or spoken word. Let's hope this small jesture can help increase knowledge of Fibro and gain support for our cause.

All the best

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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  • Thanks Emma, I shall have a look at this but I do not drive anymore. Julie has a blue badge because of work so I will take a look.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • I think anything that makes people aware of why you have a badge is good I have heart and Lung conditions as well and a few more and it is the hidden illness's that get's the most looks.

    I also have a pet hate of people not displaying the badges and most of the time do not even have one.

    I posted this which what happened when I posted to all the supermarkets on tweeter

    This is when I issue my tickets

  • Brilliant idea, I do have one and will definitely add this, x

  • Hi Emma would love to display dash board information ,but don't have a printer ,any where I can get hold of one and a wrist band ,also I am still ,trying to hand out posters for this site I am down to my last which will go this week to two hospitals , and if you could get the chappy to send me some more I will continue to flyer mid wales on my travels ,as I have managed so far to go 7 miles north of me ,16 miles south ,and 23 miles east , and all the little villages inbetween ,I cleaned up my emails and deleted a couple I should hung on to ,but as I said I am quite happy to poster here on my travels in my area.


  • Hello Chris, If you'd like to email me maybe we can discuss these issues & get some more posters & flyers sent out too! :)

  • Can you please post me a sign. I do have a blue badge but no printer. I can send you my address.

    Thank you Lucy

  • Hello Lottieonline,

    Please email us using to discuss this request further

    Many Thanks

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

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