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actually went to the cinema yay me

hi everyone :-D

hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

me and my hubby went out for lunch ,which was lovely ,just us :)

and then we went to the cinema ,i hate going useually as i cant sit still ,especially on those awful seats,with no leg room ,

anyway my hubby splashed out on the vip seats which were far more comfy

so iam so pleased , i know it sounds silly but its somthing simple but such a triumph to beable to go and enjoy the cinema ive been avoiding going for over a yr now .

anyway hope you all had a lovely weekend ive already said that lol

love and hugs from a dead chuft lynz xxxxxxxxxxx

:) :-D :-P :) :-D :)

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Aaaww, that's just great to hear Lynz. I'm really pleased for you and so glad you had such a nice time. It's so obvious in your post how happy you feel hun.

Love Sue xxxx :) :) :)


Aww i am dead chuffed for you. :)

Thats lovely to hear you have had a lovely day, with no kids too, you lucky girl. lol.

hugs, kel xxx


That is brilliant news sounds like you had a fabby day out you could have told us what you watched lol!!!!!! And well done on doing it.

Hugs Ruby xx


lol i didnt did i :) we saw wrath of the titans ,in 3d aswell ,ive never seen a film in 3d it was really good xxx


so good to hear that you and your hubby had such a great day. It is such a big thing to us fibro friends to enjoy something we were struggling with and i can understand the feeling of triumph,fab!


that sounds lovely and done you both the world of good jus the two of you how nice glad you enjoyed it bless you got one in a million ther love to you diddle x


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