Today I have got an appointment at the Hairdresser and the road which it is in has parking outside with a sign for only 30 mins parking and no return within an hour, I want to park right outside and i am goning to be prob 2 hours so can i park there with my blue badge on display? i am bit unsure i think i can but wanted to check as my legs are really wobbly today done too much yesterday! I dont want to get parking ticket i have only used my badge once and that was in a designated parking bay for blue badge holders but not sure about ordinary road parking??????? hope someone can clear this up , i have read the book and i think i can but just bit unsure as new to all this thanks diddle x

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  • Hi, Diddle you can park there for 3hrs. Set the clock your badgeto the time you arrive and as long as your back in 3hs you'll be fine. xx

  • thanks for that Diddle xx

  • You can also park on single yellow lines as long as your blue badge is being displayed.

  • Great thanks for the message love to you diddle x

  • Hi Diddle when you applied for your blue badge you should have received a sheet with all of the info you will need to know about where you can use your blue badge.

    I am sure if you go to site you should find more info on there.

    Hope this helps you :)


  • Hi ther long time no message how are you and yours/ all ok here and thanks for that i did get booklet but not all that clear but lynne fa sent me big blog so think i will be ok now you take care and look after yourself love to you diddle x

  • me got one it is supper you can park for 3 hours it is good now we can well i can go so many places

  • many thanks yes only had it few days but bonus for me love to you diddlke x

  • Just make sure you leabe your blue badge with your photo underneath, it's not valid if you leave it the wrong way up !!

  • thankyou if the photot was upward facing they would run a mile lol love diddle x

  • Bless you thanks ever so much for writing all that out for me i did get a booklet but some of it is not all that clear and i like people to tell me where i can/cant park but that was very helpful and once again thanks for your time writing all that out enjoy your evening love to you Diddle x

  • Laughing at your last comment diddle.....hope you have been well...often wondered where you had gone...I know I found you once but I am unable to navigate this new set.up so quickly lost you all again x x x x x x

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