i took my blue badge out earlier when i went for a meal with my family we pulled up only 4 spaces all taken but man was strapping son in car in one space he looked up and saw me turning the dial on my badge clock and i said to my sister he aint got a badge he should not be there sure enough he felt bad but felt the need to put on a limp as he passed the back of his car and pull a wincing in pain face he fel so embarrased lol we found it funny but glad he felt bad lol love to you all diddle x

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  • pmsl,serves him rite.my freind takes mi mum n me shppin t morrisons at harehills lane,leeds on weds.mi mum has got blue badge cos she`s nearly blind n ppl r always usin the spaces there.a wheels taxi driver was a sleep in es cab parkd in 1 bout 2mnths ago(the drivers fm that taxi firm r known 4 sleepin anywhere) i bangd as hard as i cud on window,e shit es sen...e soon moved lol lv fm me xx

  • lol how funny is that keep on banging on their windows lol iw ould love diddle x

  • hi diddle that did make me laugh x who decides you are entitled to the blue badge if you dont mind me asking? x

  • hi if you type in blue badge on google you can download the forms and the address is on there it took mine 5 days you pay £10 via cheque and have to send in 2x passport photos but i think it can be different where ever you live as some have said they called in their local libraray and spoke to someone over the phone and had photo done there but i am in suffolk and i just down loaded the form so good luck i put the truth on it that i could not walk more than 50 meters and that the condition is permanent one so you go or it fill it out as if it is your worst day though that is what a member on her told me to do well several actually love diddle x

  • hi,

    I just rang local social services, they deal with them all, free of charge....they also decide who does or does not qualify for them.....

  • oh thats good it is different here have to fill i forms funnt isnt it but good luck with it you would think it would be the same system all over woukdnt you love diddle x

  • thats funny. i remember when my son was diagnosed with m.s. at 20.....we went to a supermarket in his car with him, my daughter and myself.in the disabled spot there was a big masive coulerd guy in a suped up sports car bright red. he sat there on a mobile fone with his shades on... NO BADGE. so me being me got out the car and headed twards him. my son and daughter saying come back hes a drug dealer.......but off i went banged on the window he opend it....i said have y got a badge, no you havent move yr arse for my son.......he drove off then...my son and daughter had locked themselves in the car...lol.......week later he was in the evening paper arested for drug dealing..........ha ha ha .....he looked realy guilty as well...gerisly are you from the potteries by any chance??

  • My friend with the triplets has a blue badge and often has people looking at her when she parks in a disabled spot but she was advised to get one by their consultant as the two boys have special needs. Especially when the one came out of hospital on oxygen, she really needed one then. It is so annoying though when you people parking and probably using someone else's badge and abusing the system. xx

  • Hi Diddle. When my StepFather was alive we had the opposite problem where he was usually OK when we got to the supermarket, but was on his last legs when we left, and because he was generally low mobility he was able to have a blue badge. However at one point he had been put on steroids, and to be quite honest was like a spring chicken when I picked him up to go shopping. I suggested that maybe we could leave a disabled space free for someone who really needed it, as I reconed he wouldn't be as bad as usual. I got an ear full of abuse, parked in the disabled bay, and watched rather embarrassed as he "skipped" into the supermarket. There was nothing for me to do in case anyone was watching (as I know later he would be skipping back to the car-as he had been like this before when on steroids) but to limp into the buiding myself!! My father would never have forgivven me if I had taken the car back out of the space for someone else - he was quite selfish that way, even though I could have fetched the car right up to the door of the shop for him on the way out. The other occasion was when I had parked on double yellow lines so he could go to the butchers on a busy street. He then realised he couldn't make it across the pavement that day as he was too bad on his feet, but insisted that it was still legal for me to get out and go to the shop and leave him in the car. After being poked and hissed at, I again had to concede before I got hit with his stick, and once agin limp into the butchers.......

  • Yes, I know its not right - luckily I was but a teen with a new responsibility, and would now let myself be beaten with that stick, and go and park elsewhere!!!

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