I parked on the asda car park in the disabled bay and an elderly couple came pasrt in their car and were looking at me like i was an alien i had my daughter and 2 x grandsons in the back they parked nearby and got out not blue badge holders walked past stil looking to see if i had any sign that i should have a blue badge!!!!

they stared at mre the whole time and they watched us go into the store my daughter said i think they are going to go check your car in a mn to see if you got badge they really made me feel uncomfortable

why is it people automatically look at you to see if the can see any visible sign of something wrong and when they cant then assume you are abusing the badge as it is not your s??????????

oh well never mind love to you all diddle x

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  • I have the same on the bus. People look at me as if I've stolen it. Up here wheelchair spaces double as baby buggy spaces which is fine - but can't their other 5 children sit behind them. I always get up if somebody more disabled gets on the bus but the children keep on taking up all the other seats.


  • me too if there is one disabled parking space and someone looks worse than me i alway park somewhere else yesterday in towmn i parked in a normal space for example as an old man and his wife were struggling with a scooter etc so i let them have it so it works both was doesnt it i am not selfish because i have a blue badge love to you diddle x

  • My grandmother had a saying..the word 'assume' broken down means 'makes an ass out of u and me...'

  • thats a good one lol love diddle x

  • You know reading this made me think I too feel exactly the same but why should we feel guilty? Some one in my earshot said think I need to get a walking stick. I just turned around and said do you want the pain as well? It soon shut her up! If it wasn't for my blue badge I would not be able to go out so why should we feel guilty?

  • I used to have the same problem in work a couple of years ago when there were never enough parking spaces available for everyone. When I first got my blue badge & they had to make me a disabled slot as the car park didn't have one, a few people in the office muttered about why was I so special? Was it because I was a female that I couldn't walk from alternate car parks (I am the only female in the team)? Then I had a flare up, and still struggled through work, but went to a meeting which overran, so I was late taking my meds.... After a while, one of the guys that knew what I was going through as he had the courtesy of actually listening to my explanations, looked at me and asked if I was ok. I said not really but I'll survive. Then he insisted that I really wasn't ok. Apparently, I was deathly pale, almost grey, as I was in that much pain. That day, the rest of the team worked out that there really was something wrong with me!

  • I have realised that people can not understand if i look ok that something is wrong with me. Now i try not to let them bother me as it will only spoil my day. Don't let people get you angry as i know it makes fibro worse if we get fired up it uses all our energy. if these people knew how hard it was to get a blue badge they wouldn't even question. and if they had a day of struggling as we all do even to get out of the house they would think again before making assumptions. take care and don't let people spoil your time with your family x







    SHALL I APPEAL ??????????????????? DOES THIS TAKE LONG


  • I've heard people on here say u must appeal. There's the workandbenefits site. Please don't give up hope. Ask doc at CFS clinic

  • Yes people find it hard to understand the invisible disability!!! I have made a pledge that I will wear make up every day as it makes me feel better - if I pretend to be ok then maybe I will be ok - Some people say ".... You're looking well" I'm never sure if they're genuine or insinuating there's nothing wrong with me!! My sister says I should stop wearing make up so people can see I'm not well - but why should I?? It's bad enough struggling every day without showing it!!!

  • i have a bag i proudly display it says ''my chronic illness is more real than your imaginary medical expertise''. got it off the spoon theory website!! bite me! xx

  • i know what you mean

    i feel guilty ig i go into work extra smart or maybe ive had my hair done

    i feel like i need to justify the cfs to everyone by looking shoddy

    it annoys me a ppl dont fully understand cfs

    when u say u have it they say ugh,,,if u had a broken leg u would get sympathy

  • how true I've always said if I had a broken leg people would understand and be courteous, as it is I am struggling to walk along sometimes and people just jostle me and knock into me. We have a disabled badge and I agree that sometimes people look at you and seem to be questioning whether or not you should have one. Quite clearly they have not made themselves aware of the process you now have to go through to get one. !!!

    Why is it that everything we need or do is a fight, people with diabetes who can live pretty normal lives providing they stick to their medication get free prescriptions for life, those of us who struggle daily dont get any medical fees help and I have like many of you a number of drugs to take. Our system seems topsy turvey and in dire need of sorting out.,

    Hugs to everyone x

  • the supermarket car park was full and no disabled spaces available. My blue badge was on the window side of the sun visor. I found a handy space just past the disabled ones and parked. An irate woman jumped out of her car and banged on my window.

    " You've no right to park in a place for normal people, you people have your own." I was astounded!

  • I used to work people with disabilities so I had a key for the disabled toilet. One day there was big queue and my back and legs were really hurting So I used the disabled toilet, when I came out the attendant gave me snooty look and said. " those are for disabled people you know" my reply was " how do you know I'm not" just because we look well we know looks are deceitful with this illness

  • Oooo I would to shoot these people , lol I drive a wav a very large van as I use a powerchair if I go shopping, but nooo you can't park in a disabled spot your driving a van how dare you etc etc, even though stickers on the windows and my badge they never see I just give them the finger ..... Then slowly move it down the windscreen to my badge and tada some huff and puff but it's even funnier if my daughters with me as she's a student nurse she gets out and gives it to them both barrels .

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