Crazy day

Hi all hope you are all feeling ok x yesterday I had a very busy day as my daughter had back to back appointments all day and I had daughter number 2 off school also due to all this I didn't get to sit down all day and was flat out by 11 pm aside from waking a few times I managed to stay in bed for the night and not end up on the sofa as I usually would. I have now slept the whole day only waking for painkillers has anyone else had days like this? I feel utterly exhausted xx

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  • Funny how loads of sleep can be exhausting! Do you know if you dreamt? It seems to be a feature of fibro that we don't. BUT it doesn.t have to be that way. I think it may be why they give us amitriptyline and similar. wrong kind of sleep again. I haven't had it that bad by any means and of course you were unable to choose NOT to do something. Healing gentle hugs :)

  • Think it's your body's way of telling you that you did too much, nala23, I'm afraid. This has happened to me a few times now. One time after a particularly bad night, (ibs played up as well as fibro), I had to go home from work I felt so bad the next day. Went to bed at 11am, never got up again till 7am the next day. Hope you feel more energised soon, Julie xxx

  • I don't recall dreaming but now and then I have very very strange dreams I really do hope I don't have days like yesterday again it was too much clearly I don't know what the medication is called that I'm on thank you xx

  • Hi Nala, yes i too have dsys like this if i do too much. Only waking for loo and tablets, especially with migraines as well.

  • Hi Nala

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well a you possibly can be today? Sadly, I have never been able to sleep a whole night or day without needing pain killers. I usually exist on 3 to 4 hours sleep most nights, but on occasions when I am on my own I will sleep in til lunch, as long as I do not have any work to do.

    On the times I sleep in I do find it exhausting, almost as if I should have just got up in the first place? But we all need to relax sometimes!

    I will say however, looking after children is exhausting anyway!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thank you all I think you may be right in that I did too much was right back to normal tonight went to bed at 1:45 and was up at 4:40 the sofa is my friend again lol hope all are feeling well xx

  • Hi, I feel like that today went to London yesterday and did dear too much walking. Today I can hardly move and have been nodding off on the sofa I will have an early night tonight. What painkillers do you use I take ibuprofen but find they don't do anything, I take 10mg of amiltryptaline before bed which helps me sleep. X hope you feel better soon xx

  • I'm on 1200 of gabapentin 3 times a day and also take 60mg of duloxetine at night which I don't think is helping but my doc said I have to give it another month yet if I'm having a really bad day I take paracetemol and brufen along with everything else hope you feel better soon as I know only too well how you feel xx

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