Virtual Pyjama Day?

It's a busy week around here as is usual with schoolaged children to get up for school, etc. Whilst the weather's been bad, I've been driving them to school, so only get a chance of a lie in at weekends, and really enjoy relaxing in my pj's on a Saturday. But this week and w/end is more busy than usual. Will be visiting my mum on Sat, then will be going out on Sunday, so won't be able to chill. Plus I've got eye appt Monday & gp appt Tues., & so on all week, and had new fridge delivered this morning, and I have to take Daughter to work in an hour, so am gonna have a quick nap now.

Was wondering if anyone would like to join me in a virtual mini pyjama day? Just think about it, curl up, ignore work and the world outside, pop into those virtual pj's and chill

Right, nap time before chauffer time, sweet dreams, Julie xxx

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  • My OH has a 'onesie day' now, rather than a pj day :) I have to say I find them really comfy to sleep in as I don't get a cold back :) I hope you're having a lovely nap ;)

    Pip xx

  • Hi Pip, yes good nap thanks. Just back from Daughter's work, lots of squirrels around & pheasants, rabbits, ducks, geese and deer. Also a few golfers braving the showers! Tea break now then back to nap. Bet you feel cosy in your onesie! Julie xx

  • Hi Pip,Hi Julie untill some body brings out a onesie with a flap at the back, like in the all in one baby pj`s from the 50s ,to allow for quick access to the loo.I`m out, even though I can think of nothing warmer for camping. Or colder having to strip off in a tent for a wee. hugs sue

  • Yes, it can get a bit chilly when I need to go during the night ;)

  • Oh no, all those little poppers would drive me mad, how about Velcro, placed where it can't touch the skin or irritate, if that's even possible :-)

  • I couldn't agree more sue, the flap is a necessity ;-) and like pip says, nighttime visits to the bathroom end up with one feeling extremely cold :o:o

    Can I join you in the morning for the PJ party please ??

    Foggy x

  • Was just about to go get jimjams.My legs are getting itchy with a with a stinging sensation jammys needed

  • You're more than welcome at any time foggy,whenever you feel the need. Just tiptoe in, get settled into a bean bag, or sofa & curl up. Anyone & everyone welcome, pj's, nightie's or onesies, but Please NO birthday suits, this is a decent establishment thank you! Julie xx

  • went to get jammys on and realised that a flap at the back is no good for me, I can`t get my arms far enough up my back to fasten them. Derrr

  • No no worry - I'll whip up one with a front flap ...??? :d :d

  • Do you mean that you are not like Marilyn Munroe who supposedly only wore Chanel No 5 to bed! America must have a warmer climate than England I a going to get in my jim jams now after a nice hot bath. I willl then cuddle my hot water bottle and read my new library book if fibro fog doesn't descend on me. Hope everyone has a good night. We definately must book a definate date for a Pyjama Partyxxx

  • count me in - I must confess I am bed bound at the mo so spend most of my time in Pj's when not at docs 3x a week for injections, or hospital for tests or physio - but would welcome the company - virtually of ocurse :-)

    yey for virtual PJ day!


  • I don't get out of my pj's unless I'm going out then as soon as I get in I change back into them, I have more pj's to iron than other clothes lol, I can't stand other clothes on my body there not soft enough....gentle hugs... Dee x

  • Ditto Dee! I"ve literally been living in P.J"s for the past 3 years! The only reason I dress is hospital appointments. I can guess what I"m having for Mothers Day?

    Even though I probably got more than any Dept. Store! Bless what else can anyone buy me & of course my wardrobe full of Spotty Dressing gowns, which hubby now refers to ask my Coats? ((gentle hugs)) Peaceful night to you all. Lynn XX

  • Morning Lynn how are you today, I sometimes wish people would by pj's for a birthday gift ect,for me ....mind you can now get some that look just like casual track suits can't you only softer, hope you had. Good night gentle hugs....Dee xx

  • Morning Dee Lynn and everyone I hope every one rested last night and has woken to a sunny day. We have 4 herring gulls screaming in the field next to us or crooning down one of our chimneys.

    Are we up to any thing to day I am going to take slowly not unusually and see what happens. :)


  • Morning gins, for some reason I keep pressing the word recommend instead of reply, what does that mean gins, hope it doesn't mean I want your post reported, if it does I'm sorry, don't know how to un recommend lol.....the sun is shining here in Walthamstow London, and it isn't too cold, so I may just potter slowly around in the garden, in my pj's of course lol, and just hope I can manage to keep Dexter the puppy off my plants lol...hope you all have good day whatever you are going to do....gentle hugs to all.....Dee xxx

  • pressing recommend is fine it means you like it or think other should read it :) Ebjoy your potter around the garden b careful I luv the PJs cgins

  • , Morning Gins, I hope you had a restful thanks for you kind wishes. I had a rough night, unable to sleep, unbearable pain! Can"t see an end to this flare-up, its been 21 weeks now! Going a bit stir-crazy. @ least having Injection Monday for Bursitis Hip, which will elevate that pain, one down!!

    I hope you have a good day, in the sunshine?

    Sending positive healing energies & ((gentle hugs)))

    Best wishes Lynn XX

    Ps. Is it ok with you if I PM you for some advice? Kind regards Lynn XX

  • Morning Dee, What size are you? I"ll send you a dozen or so of mine in the post!! That is all anyone buys me as I hav"nt dressed for so long! Most of mine are either bit crazy or as you say look like Leisure-wear!

    Had a rough night with pain, when will this flare-up ever end. Sorry to moan! How are you today? Thanks for asking. Take care.

    Sending positive healing energies (((gentle hugs))) Lynn XX

  • Hi Lynn, I think as each flare up comes it last longer, I've had so many over the years I think I'm now in a perpetual flare up ( if that's the correct word ) that's why I asked if people could explain their flare ups as I seem to be like it all the time now, think that's why I'm pushing myself to try do things otherwise I will come to a standstill lol, after all I'm 72 and have had this since i was11yrs and am not ready yet to do nought yet lol, sometimes feel like it but then I think we would just seize up and that would be the end .....have good day Lynn do hope you feel better later ...gentle hugs..Dee xx

  • Shucks. I'm on an outdoor course tomorrow. Might look odd if I turned up. I'll join you later in the day.

  • I bet youlook spot on in a onesey :)

  • shame they don't do a badger onesey :(

  • Let us all know, please, it sounds brilliant! :-) I'll bring my virtual mountain of pillows and cushions, ( my bed has eight scatter cushions and eight pillows, looking for a body support "bolster" to drape myself on when things get bad)

    There is still room for me and my cat! Lol

  • Ken says only just I say the more the merrier!

  • Hi Julie63

    Only just seen this, I could have done with it earlier! Shame we can't do it tomorrow? I hope that you are feeling really good?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi ken how are you just popped in from garden and seen your post....we can always do it again tomorrow, I'm sure everyone else would like to.....have good day my friend ...gentle hug...Dee xx

  • That would have been really nice, unfortunately I have got one of those hectic weekends and weeks next week. I just hope I can manage with it all?

    How are you feeling now? Any better my friend?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi ken, so sorry for not answering but have only just see your post..,.yes I certainly hope you manage to get thru the week,working and looking after your wife and your own condition, you must pace yourself , with fibro it's so easy to take two or three steps back and produce a flare up.....I'm getting there, not so sure I would if it wasnt for all my wonderful on lines fibro friends, .....sending you gentle hugs my good friend and don't overdo things, we don't want to see you missing on here cos u are going thru a flare up....take care , & God bless.......Dee xxxx

  • Thank you so much my friend, it is genuinely appreciated, and I hope that you recover soon.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Do they do vampire onesies ? ?P

  • That would be really good if I could have one of those? It could come with a built in cape for dramatic emphasis!

    How are you feeling my friend?


  • I like the idea. I'll look on V-bay. :P

  • I'm taking it this is a running on pj party and hope we can drop in and out :-)

    (She says hopefully ! )

    Foggy x

  • Why dont we do it over the entire weekend :) PJ party open house drop in drop out shake it all about please bring duvet or cushions I have a big garden and the sun is shinning - Anyone fancy some home made lemonade and millionaires shortbread, raspberries and cream.

    Foggy please bring some of your marvelous scones with jam and clotted cream ?

    OH just putting some bunting up and fairy lights wow this will be marvelous where is Zeb?

  • Chilling in the sun. Myg idea of heaven. Not too hot, no flies, just lemonade and friends. I love this virtual lark, much better than reality. Will just lie here on my bean bag quietly while my real self goes back upstairs to try drag Son out of bed to go to see nana and grandad. I apologise for any shouting,etc you mighthear... could get away with diminished responsibility

  • Now he's finished watching Ivor the Engine on DVD, Mr Badger is getting bored.

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