A lovely day

Hi I just wanted to share a lovely day ,walking under the trees in local park by the river ,and with my daughter there was brave enough to let them both off the leads so they could have a reel run about , and they came back and were talking shadow nick named Houdini and Murphy the beagle who only has recall when he's ready , I didn't take the scooter we had one dog each with the daughter doing any running required :-) to be fair we didn't have any of that , I threw the ball about and I just had a really lovely time and I wanted to share ,took shadow to vets after and he had his yearly jab and came home and we decided to bath them both which was wonderful we were wetter than the dogs by the end which is what it's all about isn't it and a lot of laughter was had by both :-) every body but me is asleep now and it's only 4 30 pm happy days Chris x

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  • Oh lovely Chris, sounds wonderful. My brother took a friend's dog to the lock the other day and he had a great time (the dog that is?). Hope that you all have a great weekend!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • What a lovely day to share with us - thank you!

  • Your welcome x

  • what a lovely positive post Chris :) sounds like a nice time was enjoyed by all :)

  • I think we should post about are good times ,as well as are bad , we all need to know we can enjoy ourselves and get joy from the little things ,I always feel better when I see the dogs run I was down on the floor with my arm out stretched laughing at a luatic of a dog trying to canon ball me but changing his mind and licking me to death instead when I got on his level getting back up was interesting I walk very slowly but that was the only difference today from when I was well ,no power walking just a lovely leisurely stroll ,and everybody saying hello complete strangers showing old fashion common courtesy amazing what a sunny day,summer dresses and sun hats can do and two wonder fully nutty dogs, I am still smiling x

  • Walking dogs has always been a type of mood medicine. I can never stay down when watching dogs running and playing, Their sheer joy of life rubs off on me.

    So glad that you had a brill time and yes, it it does us all good to hear about it.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Relaxing and having fun is an excellent medicine, xx here's to more good days x

  • Indeed x :-)

  • Sounds as though you all had a wonderful time. I used to love doggie bath time, she used to run all over the house like a mad thing dragging her towel behind her and I always ended up wetter than her. I went all nostalgic at the thought of the smell of wet dog. Thanks for sharing your day with usx

  • Thank you :-) just answered your post on the post on those wonderful bats of foggies and poor old Murphy and a poorly tail :-( we have to rest him for the next two weeks he had such a lovely time yesterday ,but a droopy tail on a beagle is not a pretty site and he is such a gourgeous boy :-(

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