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omg what a day !!!!!

ok a brief explanation ,my daughter courtney has learning difficulties and gets quite depressed cause i dont let her do things on her own ,so when she asked me for the thousand time could she go up the city to shop with her friends ,and all her friends go up all the time on their own .so i gave in

she was briefed on what bus to catch and assured me she knew what she was doing ,and her friend was with her to help ,

so me and my other daughter got stuck into cleaning up the pit (courtneys bedroom )while she wasnt there .

so utter mayhem comences :) lol

anyway my daughter who did courtneys bedroom all on her own bless her :)

says it would be lovely to have a bbq ,seeing as she did the pit all on her own how could i refuse :)

so we go up the supermarket to get some food etc

courtney rings and says shes on the bus but shes a bit worried cause its going the wrong way :)

oh no! so after her trying to explane were she is i think i know were it is ,so launch the car into warp speed to go and pick her up as she has gotten off bus

and is now crying histeracally in the street :(

so i get there and no sighn of her !!!!!!

my daughter is on the phone with her and after calming her down we discover shes absolutly no were near and on the other side of norwich !!!!!

so warp speed 10 to my house while my daughter is ringing round to my parents who live that side of city

4 numbers rang and no sighn i run in to tell my husband what has happend (oh and the freezer man is here to fix the freezer door lol )

my mum rings the house phone horay !!!!!

i tell her whats happend and in mid sentence she cuts me off last thing i hear is " ok on on my way " !!!!

so i have my daughter courtney on the phone the whole time this is happening and we calm her down and keep her talking untill nanny and grandad save the day lol YAY !!!!

anyway after courtney has a big hug for scaring me half to death lol we had a lovely bbq

i hope everyones elses day wasnt as eventful as my mine lol

love to all ,and gentle hugs xxxx

oh and p.s

the girl that courtney went with to shops and said would help her ,ditched her and left her to it!!! grrrrr was not happy ,thats a girl who is not welcome in my house any more !!!

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i bet im going to pay for this tomorrow :(


we all respond to crisis with a shot of adrenaline which gets us through the imediate panic, but its the comedown afterwards which is so hard. Anyway, everyone is ok, celebrate with a chunk of cake and chocolate or better still chocolate cake


Ah bless ya, all glad it all worked out in the end. Your girl is home safely and your other daughter got her BBQ, bless her,( so sweet doing her sisters room).

I say have a nice chilled night with your girls & boys, bless think you all had a bit of a scare today. Hope you don't pay for it too much tmrw, Have a gd evening, Lou x


thank you everyone :)

im feeling a guilty now feel as if its my fault cause i shouldnt have let her go

i think my adrenaline has wore off and now and im getting upset

all the mums know what i mean ,i think its the relief and thinking about it too much lol xx


hi lynz i am so glad that ur daughter got home all safe and sound,

and that you all had a gr8 bbq together...

a good film and a cuddle with your family on the sofa will just round the evening off..

you take care hugs


maybe you cou;d get your other daughter to take her shopping but make it seem like its not because she can't go on her own, maybe even try to teach her what bus to get on etc and do it once a week for a while and then do it and say you'll drive to where it stops to check she can do it :)


yes, i think i will have to do something like that ,cause i have got to get her confidence back up ,shes really low again now as she feels she has failed i think ,its such a worry ,as she dosnnt talk about stuff that has upset her xxx


She sounds like she'd like to be independant. I know I miss my independance but its always ok because my lil sis, or friends will come with without being asked they just understand and its wonderful. It sounds like you have a fabulous family and I'm sure every will help you. You could suggest her getting a bus to see your parents etc. I don't know much about learning disabilities but I hope everything works out. I have got lost on a bus before. are there support groups in your area for disabilities? Maybe you could look to see if there's some activity club she could go to... Hugs x x x x x


Poor kid, and poor you... My niece has Addisons and one of the effects of that is that shes young for her age, she panics easily asnd gets easily confused.

We have frequent hysterical calls from her, even just coming home from school can set her off if she feels tired she will panic and start crying cos she thinks she's not going to be able to walk all the way home...

But... we have to let her try as you did, it wasnt your fault for letting her go and it will possibly happen again but if you steel yourself for the call and need for emergency pick up Im sure it will help her confidence if she feels you trust her.

Has she got a friend you do trust not to ditch her, do you know thier parents? Thats become very important for my family to know the friend well and to be able to talk to the parents so as to impress on them how important it is that she not be left alone.

Im sure you'll find the best way forward for your daughter and yourself,

Hugs xxx


OMG that is horrible situation when kids domthatb had it myself and everything goes in slow motion and the feeling you have inside is undescribabale and then you finally get hold of them and you want to kill them kiss them all in one , oh well happy ending and nice barby love to you diddle x


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