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Just Another Crazy Morning In The Chorley Household :)

Good Morning to all of my fibro friends :)

Once again Monday morning arived with a thump, i woke about 5am and atempted to go back to sleep, 6am awake again, my head says YES lets get up my body say NO CHANCE you are going nowhere, so i try again to go back to sleep, 6:55 the alarm sounds now it is time to get up, 15mins later i manage to get out of bed throe a Tshirt and a pair of Baggys or sweatpants on, Julie my darling wife gets out of bed as i go to wake our daughter for school.

I hobble down the stairs and put the kettle on to make the tea & coffee, then go to the cupboard get my daughters cereal and put it in the bowl, next its off to the fridge for the milk, i return to the table with a bottle of chili sauce DOH here we go its started already, luckily i didnt pour that on her breakfast so off to the fridge again this time YAY 10 points to me i came back with the milk :)

Job number 2 make the brews, i manage to make my coffee Another 10 points to me :) as for the the cup of tea i go to put the milk in and think the tea look very pail NO tea bag DOH minus 10 points, try again this time i get it right. :) Julie walks into the kitchen to get her cup of tea then goes up for her shower, Its now time for me to take my meds this i managed to do without any problems YAY 10 pionts to me.

Next job of the morning is to make the sandwiches for my daughter and Julies dinner, so off to the fridge to get the butter,ham,cheese and mayo an easy task you say hahaha no chance this is me doing this :) i come back with ham,cheese,butter and a jar of jam Minus 10 points, try again return to the fridge and get the mayo, i manage to make the sandwiches and put them in the right sandwich box YAY 10 points :)

Next job feed the cat and make my 2nd coffee of the day, off to the cupboard where we keep the cat food its the pouch type, i take the cat food open it and then manage to stop myself putting it into my cup AARRRGGGG minus 10 points, i then manage to feed the cat and make my coffee, Julie comes down stairs gets her sandwiches and flask of coffee then off to work, 10mins later my daughter comes down, gets her sandwiches and off to school. :)

Now i can sit down and relax, I am shatterd already lets see what the rest of the day brings.

Thanks for reading i just thought i would tell you all about my morning. :)

Looking forward to your coments


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Thanks Chorley toast on floor running a bath with plug out and now off to docs for a fight ;-) imagine two people with FM in the same house...


Hi Chorley we haven`t spoken yet so nice to meet you.Your blogs make me smile and laugh,so thanks for that.Well I`m off to docs today for injection of cortisone and steroid.I have got off to a great start already,and this one really makes me fear for my sanity.made my tea picked up a bottle(plastic) put some in tea and as I stirred thought that doe`snt look right and it wasn`t.I`d put tomato sauce in it.Ho Hum life in fibro land Eh.have a good day and hope you manage to gain points and not lose.Good way of doing it actuallly Hugs Butterfly54 xx


Hi Butterfly i am glad you enjoy my blogs, i try to bring a smile to everybodys face as when you are happy it can help take your mind off the fibro :)


LOL Penny now that would be a nightmare, i dont think the house would be standing after 1 week hehehehe :)


this really made me smile :) thank you xxx


Lynz you are most welcome, glad you are smileing :) did you read my blog from yesterday ???


yes i did lol :)


You are so funny chorley,

you have made laugh and smile at least i am not the only one who is losing there marbles on a daily basis.

kel xxx


Kel, i lost my marbbles a long time ago, bigger boys were always better than me at playing marbles LOL :)


I am new to this site and thank you for making me realise I am not the only one who does these sort of things. Its the fuzz that comes out of my mouth that gets me down as well as the aches and pains. Telling my daughter to get her lunch money from the fridge instead of the table was this mornings little slip. So thank you all xxx


LOL yep we all do it :)

Welcome to the site :)


Thats a good question i lost count after 30 its now 10:40pm so knowing me i am on minus 250 LOL Oh well we shall see what tomorrow brings

WATCH THIS SPACE ( it dose tricks ) hehehehe :)


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