Best day ever but now in so much pain

Best day ever but now in so much pain

Hi all

I have just had the best day ever me and my daughter went to a wedding fair just to see her face light up with all the different things to look at and then the cat walk with the lovely wedding dresses it was great. BUT now the pain has hit me and I just want to cry. But don't want to upset her day with her seeing me in this much pain. Going to take myself to bed really don't want to take any morphine but looks like I'm going to have to. Why can't we just have one day free from pain. Any way sorry for moning.

Take care all Linda xx

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  • Aw Linda, what a lovely time you must have had, gorgeous !! It's a shame you are in pain now hopefully if you get to bed early you will manage to get to sleep and out of pain. I'm asking myself the same question about pain. The pic looks gorgeous. Hugs to you ❤️X

  • Bless you Linda...You must have had a wonderful time and then the s...t hits the fan! It isn't fair when you want to be so upbeat for your daughter who I assume is planning her wedding....such exciting times!! I am sure your daughter will understand your need to go to bed early.....I am in bed having spent my Ruby wedding anniversary with my man doing lots of good stuff but my body needed meds and bed....Look after yourself Linda xx

  • Glad you had a great time with hubby pity we pay for it later, I'm lying on my bed too lol xx

  • I shall never give up the good times even though I often regret it later!!!! xx

  • Good for you Trikki lol xxx

  • I think sometimes we just have to go for it regardless of the consequences and at least no one can take away the wonderful day you have had with your daughter.x

  • Hi guys

    I read on a website - that Fibromyalgics have 3 times the amount of Substance P in their bodies than do normal people. Substance P is the vehicle that carries pain stimuli to the brain - pain is therefore magnified in Fibromyalgics - very interesting site that seems to know a lot about FM xxx

  • My son got married in August, and my daughter got married in 2009. So I can relate to how you feel.

    What a lovely day you must have had. I hope you can rest today.

  • Despite the pain some things are just worth it, rest up and recover. It all looks absolutely gorgeous :)

  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are in so much pain after such a wonderful day out. I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon for you. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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