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Bad day!

Decided to walk home from work last night, only a 10 min walk but its up hill. Wasnt feeling to bad so decided to do the walk, this was the first time i had walked in a while from work, regretted it almosy straight away as the pain started in my back and by the time i got home i actally thought my whole body was just going to crumble into bits! Every part of me hurt to the point of having to sleep on the sofa coz once i had got myaelf settled i couldnt move! Think i woke up early hours of morning (as always!) And crawled to bed hoping that today the pain would ease but no the pain is just as bad and i am exhausted! I have had to get my 6 year old daughter picked up today as i am just unable to do hardly anything with her today whoch breaks my heart but she understands that i have bad days and is good about it but it upsets me so much that she has to miss out on time with me.

I knew the half term was going to be tough as i wouldnt get as much rest as i sometimes am able to but its only the 2nd day and im in a right old state already!

Onwards and upwards hopefully!


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hi , my name is soma, and just read your blog, i know just how you feel, i am so tired and in pain today, still got my pj's on, and it seems to be getting worse , ad fibro for 8yrs, even typing on my laptop is hurting my arms so much, but just needed to have contact with those who understand, so thanks for letting me rant lol... tc bye for now love soma xx


Hi soma, i am Holly. i use this site often to rant as its the only place i. Feel people truly understand what we are all going through. I have a great support network of friends and family and as much as they help me and sympathise they dont truly understand what i am going through and how tough every day is. I have had my fibro for 6 years after breaking my back but i have only been offically diagnosed in the last 6 months as any issues i went to the gp with was put down to my back injury, it was actually myself who found out about fibro and the gp agrees. Its good to have answers but devestating that yhere isnt much that can be done!

Sorry for any bad spellinh, swollen fingers and little buttons are not a good mix!

Please feel free to message me anytime ffor a chat and a general moan and rant!

Hugs to you soma



Hi don't feel bad on not being able to pick your daughter. You'll be able to spend more time with her when you are feeling better. Hope you have a happier day tomorrow

Storm x


I do hope you feel a bit better tomorrow Holly. I think we all are tempted to over stretch ourselves when we are feeling OK and regret it later, I know I do anyway. There is plenty of time to make it up to your daughter once you are on the mend again. Take care of yourself! Jane x


Oh dear, poor you Holly! We are all guilty of thinking we are ok and then overdoing it. I do it all the time and I have been taught how to pace myself. The only difference being that I know how to pull myself back and feel better again. Make sure you get some restorative sleep tonight, so you feel more able to cope tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, don't try to do too much and when you do something however small, make sure you stop and rest afterwards. Don't tackle anything else until you've rested and so on.

Half term is ticking along, it's Wednesday tomorrow. Take care of yourself as well as your daughter. Could you do something sedentary with her - when my three children were small we would have a Play-Doh day. We made the play dough ourselves in a big saucepan. We made it lots of different colours using food colourings. The children loved it and it kept them amused for hours! It gave me a bit of peace too as they weren't too bothered about me doing too much! Might be worth a try - it gets them creative and is good healthy play too! :)

Hope this helps a bit. Please take care Holly. (((hug))) xx


thanks all, i just hate the thought of her missing out on things even though she says to me she is quite happy having a cuddle and watching a film or reading a book together and i know she means it but it still hurts me when i havent even got the energy to stand up and bake cakes which is something we love to do. i have promised her i am going to make it up to her on thursday and we are going to the cinema, mcdonalds and a little present as well. i know thats not the way to do things really but its going to make me feel better anyway! i love having her off school with me but i didnt realise it would be so hard! at least i know for next time to take it easy the week before then i will have more energy for when she is off. i was going through a bad flare just before and during the summer holidays so i could handle it because i was ill before she finished for the summer (if that makes sense!) but i think because i have been having a few good weeks and then straight into a really bad week its made it harder to cope with this time.



As long as she has special times with her Mummy she will be fine Holly. Cuddles, reading a story, listening to a story CD together, singing songs together, are all special times. She won't mind that you can't do anything too strenuous, she just wants her Mummy and you are giving her that.

Her treat on Thursday sounds lovely, she will enjoy it and so will you. All children really need is quality time, it doesn't really matter what else happens. It can be something really simple. I used to play hairdressers with my daughter, we each did our hair in lots of different styles, some really scary ones, but with all the hairbrushes out, combs, clips etc., she loved it! This can be done sitting down in a comfy chair.

Don't be too hard on yourself Holly, you sound a wonderful loving Mum who loves her daughter, what could be better than that! Give yourself a gentle pat on the back. Here's a hug (((hug))) xx


thank you that means a lot to me, she is so mature for her age and understands so much about what i go through, she loves helping me with housework and making dinner (im sure the pocket money helps her enjoy it more!)

i just always want to do the best for her, we dont have a fancy big house and lots of spare money but she is a happy, loving child who appreciates everything in her life so i know i must be doing a good job which is why i feel bad when i cant do certain things but comments on here and from friends and family are making me realise that im doing the best i can and as long as she is happy and healthy then thats good enough for me :-)



Exactly! You're doing a great job Holly, your daughter will remember that even when you didn't feel well you always had time for her, what better gift can a mother give her daughter.

Bless you!! (((hug))) xx




thank you so much



My pleasure Holly, take care ok! :) xxx


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