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long day in pain

after a very tiring and emotional day,my body has finally given up and told me to go to bed!!. our daughter took a young boy in hand today as he had ran away from home,not good,with the stress of it all my fibro has flared up big style, even sitting here now typing is hurting my shoulders,arms and wrists, i know i'm not the worst person off in the world but what with everything else thats going on around me ( have got 2 best friends mums who have got terminal cancer and my 88 year old nan is always in and out of hospital) am feeling very low at the mo, i also have an 11 yesr old autistic son and a 13 and a half year old daughter to look after too........ sorry for ranting on but its good to talk to get things off your chest.

sending gentle hugs to you all and lets hope tomorrows a better day :-) goodnight xx

paula x

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hi sorry to here you having a bad morning ,i to having a bad time at the moment ,the weather and stress dont help , ,have you thought about getting in touch with soical services for daily help or if you by yourself get intouch with gingerbread ,sounds you need care to ,,do you get help with your son regarding helping out with him ,

Iknow teenagers are hard work i have five boys luckly they growing up now my youngest is 17 . still hard work now .

all i can say is do what your bodys telling you rest ,keepwarm and try to get family round to help aspeacly with this cold snap on ,.

its ok to rant on here i do all the time its a site were you can and get good suopport ..

sending soft hugs and a cup of coffee to you lol ,

take care

tinkerbell x


Hi quovardis,

No need for apologies everyone has their days, some more than others and you certainly are having one of them at minute and we all say the same that there are worse off than us , it would not be normal if we did not think like this, but you are having a flare and as a sufferer understanding your pain you can certainly talk about and share instead of bottling up.

I hope the child was all safe and well again and hope that what ever lead him to run away (which at very young ages children do not always get their own way, pack their little vanity cases and run away, usually next door or sit on a corner just like i did when i was about 8) having a tantrum so i hope its nothing major, even if so your daughter was lovely to help out.

You do have a lot to contend with your Autistic son and a 13 yr old now i have a 12 yr old who can be a bit of hard wrk but i cannot imagine how you cope alongside your fm too! So i do hope that you do receive help, which am sure over the years you have been given some help and do you go to any activity groups that are for children with special needs? Have you got one in your area? I have friends and family members who either have children with special requirements or are social Workers and deal with children all the time,

My cousin she wrks and takes children out for the day to give parents like you a break so you can either go out and spend you time, or can simply just relax at home or catch up on things.

My friend she has a child with needs and he goes on like liitle camps with the organisations too.

If you have no help at all and you are sole bringing him up and no help am sure we can try help find a local centre in your area that may be able to help.

What about family or friends to help out for a day giving you a break as anyone offered?

I always say if some has offered to help its because they want to not because they feel they have to!!

Really hope that you do have a brighter day as it is a lot to cope with and you should not apologise.

Snuggly hugs and xxxxx



Soo sorry for you ,, bless you what a time your going through. Maybe sheil come back , have a good old moan , I think it helps. Everyone on here listens , it's good to talk . Your one hell of a Mom . Holding it all together for your family . X x big hug x X


So sorry your having a bad time ladies I hope things calm down for you soon, it am having a rather bad time of it, have been up most of the night with my right hip it just settled down an my right shoulder has flaired up, but luckily I do not have any children at home to care for day to day.

I do have one child who's moved back home since she and her fiancè broke up she's 23 and having to sleep on an air mattress in the living room as she can't use her old bedroom at the moment, its full of grandsons things and hers that she has brought home her bed is covered with my new table set for the garden, barbecue, grandsons big pram plus other stuff, we also have a cot in the bed room.

My grandson was supposed to come for the weekend but as we is snowed in well sort of the top road is partly clear but our crescent isn't and hubby won't risk driving in this weather with a 19 month old baby I don't blame him its too risky.

We do have an extra pair of hands in the house now so that takes some of the strain off my husband which is a relief for my husband.

Hope the snow has cleared a bit before Tuesday as we has a funeral to attend the friend of our daughters she was only 20, she has a beautiful 18 month old daughter who she will never get to cuddle again, it was very sudden she had been complaining of abdominal pain and diarrhoea since boxing day, her mother found her dead on the morning of the 2nd Jan, she died from a lower bowel infarction a very painful way to go apparently and its rare as well .

Here I am rambling on . Sorry I hope you all feel a bit better soon big gentle hugs all round. Sithy


thank you so much for all your replys, my son goes to a special school and we do get reg respite from him, my daughter does help out too with household chores,but still there are times when they make my blood boil!! lol

i also get support from a little special needs group that i run for a couple of hours on a friday which has helped us all through some very bad times.. i do have a loving husband too, but he works away most of the time and at weekends atm is doing up his classic car,so i tend to feel abit lonely atm...just wanting the summer to come now as we have a caravan in skegness where we go to chill and relax..... just seem to be having one of those very off periods in my life atm where nothing seems to be ok..thanx for listen and undersatanding, hope you all get easier and that soon too.

paula xxx


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