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I have had the perfect day today my daughter has had the scan and baby no 3 is a boy which is my 3rd grandson so i have been and bouhjt a wicker basket od and filled it with all baby boy things bless, then my sister picked me up and my mum too and they took me out for lunch for my birthday tommorrrow so that was nice and we had a wander arounfd town so all is good fordiddle at the min well apart from my mate mr fibro now if he went on holiday for a bit or dissapeared then that would be nice lol

oh well cant have everything can e

the sun is shining it is a beautiful day so now going to walk the doggy and sit in the garden with a book

love to you all and hope you have all had a little bit of happiness in your lives today if not you can all share mine with me i like to spread it around i am not selfish

love to you all diddlle xxxxxxxx

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Diddle many happy returns for tomorrow hope you have a great day, will there be any cakes lol Enjoy the great weather while you can I am dreading winter with cold and dark days. Sending gentle hugs love Violet


Thankyou oh i dont know there may be a cakelol i will eat it all if there is ha ha only joking i dont think i have a cake but i dont mind love to you too diddle xxxx


thanks diddle and im so so so happy for you are a good pleased.and glad you had a great day today.

happy happy birthday for tomoz incase i dont do it tomoz..

love n hugs xx

have a special day im sure you will.


thankyopu for that sammy thats lovely of you tosay that i do try to be the best mum and nanny i can i dont always manage it but i try i will have a lovely day i am sure love to you and hope you are ok you know where i am if you need to let odff steam lol love diddle x


Happy birthday for tomorrow. Good news for you on the baby. I have three grandsons and they are a joy. My daughter is expecting in the next three weeks, don't know what it is till it's born. As long as both mum and baby are well then we really don't mind, but a girl would be nice as neither daughter is planning any more. Hope all goes well for your daughter.x


Thankyou so much for that i bet you are looking forward to the baby it is nice when you get the call withits a ????? i had that with 1st grandson we had no idea what he was but the next 2 she has found out i got a pic of him today he is putting his thumb up lol i will enjoy my birthday love to you diddle xxxxxx


Happy Birthday, Diddle!

Cheers, Midori


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