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What shall I do with my hair


My hair has been short for years just needing a blitz with the drier. But I want to grow into a short bob for my son's wedding in September and am halfway there. I have to wash my hair each day and it needs longer and using the brush to try and style it I use a lightweight dryer but even with that my shoulder is aching. Same other side - had surgery on both. I am so fed up that I am thinking of having it all cut off again next week. Any suggestions?

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Golly panda, how I sympathise having had a shoulder replacement and waiting for the other to be done. I hope you don't think me rude but why do have to wash your hair each day? I think if I were in your position I would wash it say twice a week (of course if you have a problem with greasy hair then that changes the scenario) It seems such a shame to cut it again now you are halfway there, it's annoying time, because it's not one thing or another. I must say I have very fine hair and I have it in a bob, but I only vaguely have to show it the drier and it's done, but pre my op, I had to get someone to help me, but because it was so quick it wasn't a problem.

I say stick with it, it's what you wanted to do for your sons wedding (how exciting for you :-) ) and it would be a shame to give up on that. This is only my personal opinion and you have to do what you are most comfortable with.

Sending lots of positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

Have you tried a dry shampoo in between washes

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Oooh Maisie1 you took the words out of my mouth. Dry shampoo is amazing. I'm a big fan. It used to be a bit naff but it's all the rage now and you can even get different colours so you don't look like you have talcum powder in your hair. In fact it's so trendy now, that the top pooch parlours have it for dogs (sprocket has blueberry muffin flavour dry shampoo) and they make it for cat, horses and even rabbits. It's bang on trend :D xxx


Hair it's such a problem for us girls!!

I hadn't felt well enough to go to the hairdressers since last July!! So my hair was down to my waist!

It took forever to dry, but with the use of dry shampoo I could get away with an extra two days!!

I had it cut yesterday into a shoulder length bob, so it's easier to manage. Like you I have had a shoulder replacement and know the other one is going to need it.

But I would preserver and get some dry shampoo, they are so much better these days!

Enjoy your sons wedding!

Gentle hugs,


I'm same wash hair daily due to roots so greasy..like previous comments I have tried dry shampoo...dislike it with a passion so went back to old ways and use baby powder lol just make sure u rub it in well or u will look old and grey xxxx hugs xxx

Have u thought of buying a hair dryer holder that way u free up arms ...look online amazon have some xxxx

Tricky problem. I have waist length hair and find that careful combing and letting it dry naturally is easiest. How about a hand free dryer?



I am lucky my hair not to bad after a week so get taken to hairdressers every week if not twice a week when needed makes life a lot less painful

Hi panda60

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? As a man I find it easy to have my hair cut and simply spread a dollop of putty through my hair (got spiky messed up look).

Therefore I do not know a great deal about hair at all. However, I have read your posts since I have been on the forum and I have come to the conclusion that no matter what you have done to your hair, you will still be a wonderful and amazing person who the members on this site truthfully appreciate.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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You've heard the expression "bald as a badger"? No problem here :P Sorry , can't help


I can relate so well to your problem. For my sons wedding my hair then my daughters wedding it was shoulder length but I could not style it so after trouble with right arm I decided to have it all really short again ad it is brilliant I wash shake and Go if I had anywhere to go LOL and it suits me better because I am relaxed and not worried about whether it will curl this way or that.. So hun if it i giving you hell to style it go short sharp and whitty just make sure you use a really god stylist it makes such a difference.

Hope your day is good

keep smiling


dont shamppo every day - use dry shampoo. on the daze u do wash ur hair, let it dry naturally, run straighteners over it. uses a lot less energy and arm pains.

maybe think about, velcro rolls too. have a rest inbetween each roller.

Hi, I've let my hair grow because I couldn't decide what to do with it! Have you had a bob before? Does it suit you? What I'm getting at is it might be worth having a chat with a hairdresser as it would be a shame to go through all this and then not like it!

Try winding a towel round your head until your hair is close to being dry, brush it through to get the shape and leave it until just damp, then use the hair dryer to finish the look. Spray with a holding hairspray, or when you take the towel off (earlier) brush through some styling foam. This will hold the style for you better and may mean you don't need to wash it the next day.

You should be able to leave your hair so you can wash it every other day as daily washes can either dry your hair too much or over stimulate it so it gets more oily. Make sure you have the right shampoo for your hair too.

Hope you don't mind the extra info. Have a nice time at the wedding, I'm sure you'll look lovely as a happy face makes all the difference.

Soft hugs

Hi I would try dry shampoo on days you feel not able to manage,iv had my hair cut short but modern it's easily dryed or it can be towel driyed and left it's so easy,good luck xx

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